Tuesday , September 28 2021

The sausage was reminiscent of meat

The meat maker reminds me of sausages of about 11,000 pounds due to concerns about meat.

On Sunday, R. L. Zeigler Co. said that the company recalled 11,664 pounds of poultry and meat sausage products.

The company remembers RTE Red Hot chicken and pork products, which were released on November 29. Red Hot Sausage 24 oz packages are valid until January 24, 2019.

R. L. Zeigler warned about possible problems after complaining of two clients after the contaminated products had taken place in December. Currently, sausage-related diseases or representative reactions have not been confirmed.

At the beginning of December, Jimmy Dean, a CTI Foods company, had a sausage connection of about 29,082 pounds. When the US Department of Agriculture reported that CTI Foods had received five complaints regarding sausage products, Jimmy Dean found the issue of sausages.

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If you have purchased any reminded sausages, then USDA's food safety and inspection service will prompt you to return the product immediately or to the shop where it purchased it.

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