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The speaker tried to assign a friend as a new BC. sergeant-commander


VICTORIA – Parliament's speaker, Darryl Plesas, renewed his resignation on Thursday after trying to appoint a lawmaker as his new brigadier and political ambassador after drafting a law-abiding senior lawmaker.

On November 19, Crack James and Sergeant Gary Lenz, secretary of the Plassa Liberal, Green and Junior Leadership, his friend and political adviser, Alan Mullen.

Alan Mullen, political adviser to Parliament Speaker Darryl Plass, Victoria BM speaks to the media in the legislature. November 21, 2018



Leader of the Liberal House, Mary Polack, made the oath Thursday afternoon:

At that meeting, President Darry Plassas asked Gary Lenz to appoint Alan Mallen as a lawmaking sergeant after leaving this post.

Polak immediately said that he did not accept his application and considered it to be "inappropriate". He agrees with the head of the Palestinian House Mike Farnworth.

Polak said that Mullen did not know that James and Lenz were conducting a seven-month-long secret testimony at the request of a listener. Liberalists voted to stop James and Lenz this week.

The liberal leader, Andrew Wilkinson, described the events as "relative" and proposed the future of Pless as a word of promise – if the MLS did not believe in its work, it could be questionable. Wilkinson said further steps regarding the future of Plas will be settled after meeting with other homeowners and parties.

Plasa refused to openly talk about it.

James and Lenz say that they do not know what they are accusing.

"It's a challenge for democracy," Wilkinson says.

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