Thursday , November 26 2020

The syrup increases the risk of diabetes rather than sugar-dependent foods

The consumption of too much drinks can have a negative impact on health. In fact, it may increase your risk of diabetes than other sugary foods.

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Researchers from the Canadian city of St. Michael and the University of Toronto, Canada, have conducted a study to determine how different sugars affect the levels of sugar glucose published in the British Medical Journal.

155 previous studies on this subject have been considered. The assessment is assessed for those with and without diabetes for up to 12 months.

After analyzing the results, they find many foods with fructose sugars, such as vegetables, fruits and natural fruit juices, and do not affect blood glucose levels. However, glucose-like foods, such as soft drinks, grain grains, cooked products and sweets, have harmful effects.

The dishes that add extra nutritional energy to your diet, especially sweet drinks, can be particularly harmful to the team.

"These studies can help make suggestions about the sources of important fructose in the prevention and treatment of diabetes," said author John Sveinpiper. "But low levels of evidence and high quality research are needed."

Experts have admitted some restrictions, including small sample sizes, short-term stages, and limited food-supply restrictions. But they noted that their research was profound and attentive.

Scientists hope to continue their investigation and healthcare workers hope that fructose sugar will detect the harmful effects of blood glucose on energy and food sources.

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