Monday , June 14 2021

The twerking request for the female football star has been "seriously damaged"

The leader of the leading women's sports organization in Canada, having won an international award by the jeep-football star Ada Haigerberg, continued to raise doubts.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Association for Women and Sports and Physical Education, Ellison Sandmeyer-Grace, is a Frenchman. Martin asked Solveig to meet Herbertberg after being the first woman to win the Ballon d'Or. The award for the best player in the world was recognized for women for the first time in Paris on Monday.Ballon D 'or Orda winner Ada Hagerberg has been asked by dispatcher DJ Martin Solveig twice that has been criticized all over the world. 2:28

His appearances have diminished

Sandmeyer-Graves says, "In my opinion, women have a lot in society, but there are so many things to do in the body, and your body is more important than your body." "He has achieved great success in sports career, and his body, despite its similarity, is his power and strength, skill and strategic thinking, as well as the present.

"Studies show that women receive about four percent of the media coverage of the Olympics during the year, while women are not seen on our TVs and in print media, and they are often offered.

"It just keeps on rebuilding and, in fact, it proves that women should look after women through the lens."

Solvage apologized to answer the question: "I did not know that it could be considered a crime," and wrote, "This joke is probably bad."

Sandmeyer-Graves did not see a joke.

"How often do women need to forgive such a thing? No, in fact, it was not funny, and that's a big deal, "he says. "People do not understand how big the pictures of women in sports and girls are and how they feel about themselves and how they feel about being in the world."

Tennis star Andy Murray also criticized Solveig.

"Another example of funny sexism," Murray wrote in Instagram.

Eugenia Bouchard belongs

The two requests were similar to the 2015 question of Canadian tennis player Eugene Bouchard at the Australian Open.Unexpected Canadian Calls "Unexpected" 1:57

The male rapporteur who interviewed Bouchard at the Grand Slam tournament asked Bouchard to "turn around."

"Arnala?" Westmorest, Que.

"You look like a pirouette," said Wimbledon, his interlocutor, to show her a cloth, a pink skirt, and a band of bright yellow.

Somewhat inconvenient, then – No. 7th place. Then he laughs and hands to his hands.

"It was very unexpected," said Bouchard later.

"I do not know, an old man asks you, it was funny.

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