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There are three more cases in the Canadian novel, E. coli


According to the Canadian health agency, today there are three Canadian cases in the modern colony, which is connected with the Roman salad.

The total number of illnesses in this country is 22, four in Ontario, one in Quebec, and one in New Brunswick.

According to the agency, there is no evidence that other parts of Canada suffered.

In the end of October and beginning of November, doctors from the Canadian health agency Howard New talked to journalists on Friday.

There is a duration of 14 to 29 days for someone to get sick, and this is an agent confirming that E. coli is an O157 infection – is the post-emergence tension.

When patients start experiencing symptoms that may include diarrhea and vomiting, they may require time before contacting a physician. After they have been created, the toilet model should be sent to the laboratory for confirmation of E. coli infection. If the test is positive, local health authorities are notified, and this information will be sent to the staff of the provincial and federal health authorities.

More than 30 people have suffered from a disease in the United States.

A bacterial contaminated novel salad may have come from California. The head of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on Friday.

This conclusion is based on "the basis of growth and harvesting," wrote the FDA Commissioner, Dr. Scott Gothlieb.

"The goal is to dispose of products that are contaminated with the market, and then restore the market," he said.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency, on Friday, was part of an FDA investigation, but failed to prove that the Canadian Romance Salad was confirmed.

Gotliev said the FDA would "help return producers" to help the salmon salad be harvested from other regions in the U.S., Florida and Arizona soon.

The agency also wants to create a "new standard" labeling product to help bring about the foodstuffs. The FDA has worked with growers and distributors, a statement reads.

It was difficult to fight for the pollution of mass food, writes CBU News, Deputy Head of the US Department of Disease Control and Prevention Center Matthew Wise.

"One of the things we did not see in the packaging is the place where the green leaf grows," said Dana. "In many cases, these bags are provided by the corporate headquarters or the location of the company.

He said that it was "impossible" for someone to look at the salad, for example, in Arizona, California, Florida, or Texas.

One more issue of controlling E. coli for a specific product in this phenomenon, Wise said salad has a short shelf life.

"One of the types of arguments we can rely on … – We think, do we think we can test the products that cause this disease and find this unique strain of food? "When we know someone is part of the disease, say, they eat a restaurant … they do not serve the salad, which they had served three weeks earlier."

Even researchers can control the E. coli contamination to a specific region, but it is difficult to narrow the actual bacteria. This may come from a particular landlord or water that is used for irrigation in a car, a distribution center, or a store.

Last year, in the leafy green herbs of the bacterial strain, including the novel salad, Canadian and American officials were unable to determine where the problem was.

"This is a complicated distribution chain that is a tough product to investigate," said Dave.

What people should do

The Canadian health agency, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick does not want to buy a salad or syrup, which is a novel salad or salad additive.

If residents of this province have Romini at home, discard it and clean it and clean it, including bins in the refrigerator.

The agency also recommends anyone who has diarrhea or diarrhea to see the novel salad provider.

Canadian officials did not advise people living in provinces or territories to take such precautions. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been more aggressive and advised to all American consumers to prevent rumin salad and to leave their homes.

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