Wednesday , October 5 2022

"This wake-up call," Windsurton loses suspicion of drug drainage within 24 hours


According to Windsor Windsor police, Saturday and Sunday, Windsor has lost four men to lose the drug dose.

They are investigating as killing police, but they say it's early to prove their death.

"Each case involves the use of illicit drugs," the press service informed.

Employees Karel DeGraaf said that they believed they were related to fentanyl death.

According to the Windsor Regional Hospital, from Monday to Monday, 31 anti-tuberculosis units are going to be used for drug abuse and intoxication.

According to Brandon Bailey, it is only necessary to find the right place for the site to avoid dosage dose. (Chris Ensin / CBC)

Call & # 39;

Wajdjid Ahmed, a health care practitioner from Windsor-Essex, said the health worker was a tragedy.

"In this society, we call all of us and we need to gather together to take action to prevent this death," he said.

According to Ahmed, who helps the community to prevent deaths last week, there may be dosage sites.

According to him, the health department has supported the former site. They are also among the local community councils for control of injection.

Ontario acts

According to Marilu Ganno, President of the Ontario Association of Harm Reduction Nurses does little to make the so-called "public health".

"If it was one of the other forms of public health, the authorities in emergency situations had to speak and step in," he said. "And they do not do it because they are opposed to all the harm reduction measures."

The updated dosage bulletin from the Health Department of Windsor-Essex, controls the numbers that go to the Emergency Department. (

According to him, it is not difficult to open the site for this dosage, and volunteers can open one of the weeks. In his understanding, the city had to be open now, but there were some obstacles to identifying someone.

Brandon Bailey agrees with the Windsor Dosage Society.

"It's just red tape, red ribbon, red ribbon, the more barriers we make, the more people die."

Last month, Ontario announced a revised drug strategy, which includes rebranding consumption sites as consumer and treatment services.

The government has said it plans to spend $ 30 million on government funding, but their number has reached 21.

Marilou Gannon realized that Windsor should be a preventive site in the overdose. (Stu Mills / CBC)

CBC News commented on Ontario Healthcare Minister Christine Elliott on long-term care, but was unavailable for interview.

In the statement of the press secretary, the government assesses the opiate crisis as "very serious".

"The new CTS model survives by preventing and preventing doses," a statement reads.

Long-term solution

However, Ahmed said that he should go beyond these sites in long-term solutions.

One of the tools launched by the health department is the dose-abused newsletter, which controls numbers such as EMS shipping to visit the narcotics-related emergency department and avoid dosing.

Stefanie Oneshuk regretted receiving interrogation by police and other influential figures in the city. (Chris Ensin / CBC)

Also, there may be poor packages of circulating drugs, and they also send warnings.

For example, on April 11 this year, a warning was issued by the community of partners about the circulation of purple heroin and purple metal.

So far, there have been no warnings from the police about drug abuse.

"They are unresponsive, part of the problem is community leaders," says Stephanie Octuschuk, a policeman, paramedics, and respondents from the city.

"People are complaining about the difficulties, but when they do, they are not ready to solve anything, they do not make any decisions."

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