Wednesday , June 23 2021

Tom Cruise and Christopher McCurry are trying to smooth you around

Mission impossible: ReceptionStars and directors – Tom Cruise and Christopher McCurry, respectively, had a break Top Gun: Mavericks – You have a notification: They want you to know about us The movement of the TV is smoother and why it is bad.

Motion Smoothing is a feature of new TVs that interpolate frames and connect them to the content you see. What does it mean? In fact, the parts of the motion are not displayed on the screen, they are added to the sequence; so if someone runs, usually their legs go from one place to another. Smoothing the motion, you can move the whole process of one leg to another, because the TV uses one of its two edges and does something between them.

While this feature is pleasing to something like sports, it's a good flow of fluid, and it's all the idea that people do things in real time, which is not so good for movies. The worst thing is that it is turned on by default on most TVs.

That's why Cruises and McCorrie, as well as some other filmmakers Star Wars: Last Lives directed by Ryan Johnson, you want to know how to turn it off.

Most movies are shot in 24 frames per second. When making movies and choreographic effects or special effects are designed, they are designed to play on the same frame rate. The TV, which begins to incorporate invisible frames in the movie, introduces artifacting – blurred lines as referring to cruises and McQuerny, trying to smooth out what is not needed in the country. showing their "serial opera effect" in their films and did not expect the film to be completely unexpected.

Fortunately, this is a feature that you can turn off on your TV to see what's needed to get this movie. As you can see in the video, such as Cruises and McQuerny, you need to tell yourself how short search online remotes your traffic alignment on your TV.

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