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Traders were killed in "mysterious" Friday in the South Keys shopping mall

Festive buyers have denied the violent clashes with one of the most exciting trading days of last year, when the keys to the "Black Friday" were dropped off by a car parked out of a shopping mall.

Ottawa police have identified 27-year-old Ottava resident Yonis Barchelde on Saturday.

No arrests were made on his death.

Investigators consider this a targeted attack by a large criminal group.

Barbach was known to the police and suspected of involvement in banditry.

In the parking lot on the northern side of the shopping center, CIBC bank and near the Greenbore transit station, which operates OC Transpo, were found several bullets in the parking lot. Barheade was taken to the hospital, but died of his injuries.

This is the 17th death in the city.

Saturday's business in South Keys was a typical business. Ashley Fraser / Postmedia

Ashley Fraser /


Shopping Mall with large shopping malls, including Valmart and Winners, was added by buyers at approximately 6:30 am on shooting. Friday. It's not known how many shots have been used.

"It was a waste of time and a day at the mall, and we were worried about it," explained Det. Chris O'Brien said. "At any time there is a weapon, but it's particularly important during the trading days when it's in such a big commercial district.

"It is obvious that such a situation is a dangerous situation when weapon emptying in flood-prone areas, but we do not think there is a danger of general danger, because these people are a threat to people in public transport.

According to police, the investigation was in the early stages of the search and the search for the suspect was not publicly renewed on Saturday.

"We hope this is not accidental," says Brian. "Anyone who engages in this behavior and is armed (anxiety), but it was not a fugitive and a fugitive without any reason."

He said it was a "standard experience" in the killing efforts by video capture from nearby businessmen.

The scene of the crime is also close to the major OC Transpo Park & ​​Ride lot and free transit stops.

Several people were sent to the public media on Friday to place images on the Greenbord, some witnesses reported that police were stopped, but buses and trains work.

After the incident, the police arrived at the scene and quickly crossed the parking lot between the bank and the restaurant Mucho Burrito.

Photo investigators at night at the South Keys shopping center on Friday night.

Patrick Doyle /


Stores are open, but buyers are still on Friday afternoon, and most of them do not notice the concern in the northern part of the mall.

Officers near the scene said that they did not see anything about shooting. All the windows in these stores moved eastward to the Bank Cross, and the shots were invisible to the north of the corner and the storefront.

One of the warehouse workers said on Friday night that police searched the shells or other evidence, seeing the traffic jam and the snow beaks.

On Saturday morning, there was no sign of the crime mark of the previous evening, and the buyers did not know shooting or negligence.

23-year-old Austin Harting, photographed with a smartphone to show her pictures of her apartment outside the apartment on the corner of Bank Street and the corner of Heron, said: "It does not surprise me.

A student from the University of Carleton said that the area around South Kayai had long been known for dancers.

"We're from Toronto, where you think Ottawa gangs are really nothing, but they are," says Hardin.

According to him, shooting news did not hinder his trade plans.

The South Kausz district has experienced recent violence.

In May, one man was killed and a woman was admitted to hospital with a shot at Patola Private, who ordered the arrest of a Canadian suspect.

In November 2014, a student of Carlton Tusif Chaudhry was stabbed to death and was killed after being cured in a drug deal.

Police in Barxedle also had history.

He is one of eight people detained in the Bayronstest Drive, which is at the gate of Eron, a detainee with drugs, ammunition and ammunition. Barxedle and his brother Ismail Barheldle were among those charged with various crimes, including drug possession, trafficking, and forcible detention.

On Saturday, police officers interviewed Barheed for questioning as "some people" as potential witnesses.

"We know this is a very busy time at 6:30. first of all because of the day of the year of sales, we saw everything we had to get in touch with the main crime, asking anybody there, "said Brian.

All information is valid at 613-236-1222. 5493.

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On Saturday, a buyer crosses a car park at South Keys shopping center. Ashley Fraser / Postmedia

Ashley Fraser /


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