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Valli Oppal BK Legislative Investigation


BK the legislature announced on Thursday that opposition leaders would notify the House Speaker if they wanted to appoint a friend and a special adviser instead of a senior official.

After the clashes on news conferences and statements began after hours, the speaker ended with the appointment of a special advisor in the second half of the day – all involving two special prosecutors and the RCMP investigation.

Tuesday's storm-inspired sergeant Gary Lenz and Clare Craig James are being investigated in a criminal investigation.

Questions continue to accuse the two men, while Mary Polack, the head of the opposition House, made another luncheon on Thursday morning and spoke aloud to the journalists. According to him, Plas asked his Special Advisor, Allen Mullen, to leave Lenz.

Opposition leaders are worried about the plan to appoint a friend's friend as a sergeant. 0:52

This meeting was held on Monday – the day before the suspension. Polack immediately denied Plescas' request.

"She expressed her desire and she stopped immediately," said Polak. "This is not right."

Polak and BK The liberal leader, Andrew Wilkinson, began questioning Mullen's skill, answering the charges against Lenz and James.

Shortly after the Polak statement, the PDP House Leader confirmed the meeting with Ms Farnworth Plasa and rejected the request for Mullen's appointment as a sergeant.

Plus, pledges that journalists will have plenty of answers at a Thursday afternoon press conference. Later he stopped the story and promised that his office would make a written statement about morning events.

Although there were many journalists waiting at the door of the speaker's office, Mullen read a brief statement. He announced that Plass had asked for a second advisor to assist with legal questions, and that former judge and attorney General Walter Oppal would be involved in this role.

Mullen did not ask any questions.

Nevertheless, the legislature made a decision Thursday afternoon to appoint a current secretary of the cybernetics department, Kate Ryan-Lloyd, as an official secretary and current sergeant Randy Ennis as a sergeant.

It was excluded from the Legislative Body

Lenz and James accompanied James Lenz and James, after voting for the decision to suspend Tuesday, calling it "shocking" by Prime Minister John Horgan.

James and BK Sergeant Gary Lenz is the subject of a criminal investigation. 0:59

Officials have since been seriously damaged by the nature of the investigation into the couple's inquiry, but since Wednesday there have been specific dates that have led to the suspension.

At a press conference, Mullen Plaque raised concerns about Lenz and James and in January asked for an investigation.

"I was brought in for different reasons … There was always anxiety about many different things, including Mullen."

Mullen said in August that he had collected information and sent it to the RCPP and the Victoria Police in August. Mounties BK The prosecutor's office made a statement next month.

Leader of the opposition House Mary Polack and opposition leader Andrew Wilkinson BK On Thursday morning, the legislature. Polak tried to appoint a parliamentarian and special adviser to the speaker of the parliament, Darryl Plass, replacing a senior lawyer at the meeting on Monday. (Tanja Fletcher / CBC)

The Company has the right to know the truth

On Thursday, Polish Mullen said he did not know that he had been investigating for seven months before removing James and Lenz from home.

He did not know who Mulder was on Tuesday.

"I entered the corridor a couple of times," he said. «I really did not know about him or her role. "

Wilkinson said that he and Polack had published information on Thursday to have more information about the "relative" situation in society.

"There is a question about Alan Mallen's qualifications in dealing with this issue," he said with Polak. "The Society has the right to know the events of this week".

He asks Plass to be the speaker, Wilkinson says:

"Taking into account the real opening of this week, I think the next steps need to be taken into account, and the future leaders' meeting should take the following steps," he said.

The two special prosecutors on Lenz and James were appointed in connection with the probability and volume of "mining" investigations "for legal advice and advice."

On Thursday afternoon, Horgen described the case as "a blow to the institution," and said no information was available about the charges against Lenz and James.

A home worker does not advise the speaker and advise on procedural questions, as well as record all legislative acts.

The sergeant is responsible for maintaining order in the legislature and other areas of home business.

Alan Mullen spoke on Wednesday with journalists. the legislative body was sent for an unpaid vacation. House Speaker Speaker, Darryl Plesas, brought in Mullen in January to investigate the matter. (Tanja Fletcher / CBC)

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