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Way through Way of Epic, Steam feels heat at the end

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Over the years, people have been thinking about what will be a viable competitor to Steam's domination. Who takes it? What will they do with their silver bullet, and what will they do with the hawkish playing Valve?

Last week, Valve Steam announced that it would cut revenue by selling 10 and 50 million dollars in sales – 25 percent for the former and 20 percent. Today, all people are "why, the designer of the Unhreal Engine and Fortnite the developer announced that he was ready to open his own personal shop, which would reduce 12% of developers who helped Steam pioneer.

In the interview Games Industry.we, Founder and CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, during the run Fortnite realized that Epic 70/30 does not need to sell digital goods through the most popular game in the world. "In our analysis, the cost of 30% charging stores will increase from 300% to 400%," he said. "But this store, where developers earn 88% and Epic 12%, will be an effective business for us."

An epic announcement is made by Steam's police team, with more than one team of police officers operating on Steam's trading system, putting more pressure on Valve, a company that strives to operate just like the "absolute" need, like a "false game," to set up trial bombs and as a viable tactic for selling tank games, or Counter-Strike gambling rings.

There was never a steam all The biggest games on PC Legends League, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, while others have their own mantle parts of the Internet. The valve opened Steam incidents, which went through the whole year for hits from home. Terrorism up to Stardew Valley up to PUBG up to Rustam up to Explain. But in recent years, the number of certificates has significantly increased. Two of the biggest games of this festive season, Fallout 76 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, both abandoned typical Steam releases and released them to platforms owned by publishers. Fortnite Steam's number is the only one, Overwatch is dominated by the attacking team and continues to quit EA 's Origin, there are such series as Battlefield also left the store of Valve. Other competitors are similar to the Discord store, but so far there are many waves.

Publishers now open up to 30 percent of their income and go home. The valve has no big competitor; Instead, there is a question about the need to publish Steam games. At the same time, small builders are not happy with their services, which are less sensitive to their needs. They can suppress their signal by noise, however, as toxic associations may be involved in those games. Many people wanted to jump into the ship, but did not go anywhere. The feeling of this insolence led to hatred only because of the jammed Jaws in Wilwe.

If they are not attentive (sometimes even if they are), builders will be able to use the societal toxicity, sale, lower competition prices and the most popular way of valve, which often aggravate these problems.

Nevertheless, with all the actions Steam is still up to date and algorithms for front page opening, Valva allows developers to surface and update their games. Buying games at a store is relatively simple, and considering how inaccessible it might be for potential blunder, Steam will even be beaten, like even smaller, more targeted shops like Itch. io mix. Steam is likely to be a hit-maker as it has been proved by luck stories Rafting, Slay Spire, and They are billions,however, makes the rare magic incredible.

However, Steam is no exception, it does not have the ability to optimize the problem solving, but also the productivity, and the dielar part of the user base responsible for the game's visibility creates some homogeneous taste. indifferent to the environment (or even such as marginalized identifiers, status quo-rivalry policies, or even games that you would like to study non-traditional mechanics. If they are not attentive (sometimes even if they are), builders will be able to use the societal toxicity, sale, lower competition prices and the most popular way of valve, which often aggravate these problems.

Previously, developers and publishers worked with Steam, as the Valve store offered a guaranteed effect and hopes that it will not go anywhere because it has purchased many other games for sale to millions of users. Today, access to the platform will make it seem more accessible, especially considering how difficult the potential problematic developers face in the process. Great games, of course, because of expensive marketing campaigns and similar things, diagrams are faster than others, but even for a long time these games do not last long.

Epic now strives to make Steam one better. Dismantling 70/30 may be less attractive to developers and publishers, but what about 88/12? Additionally, Epic increases the speed of scales. Steam developers have been asking for a few years to have a built-in error accounting system, user feedback, and a lack of forums and other social media to simplify the spread of Steam. Developers look like it will be able to do a lot of things. Moreover, if developers decided to make Epic's Unreal Engine 4 games, they would not have to pay additional royalties for Epic, which was burnt out of the new rich and richest steam of Steam.

Despite the popular opinion, there is no competition between hippopotamuses always Good. Although theoretically better than the virtual monopoly, it can lead to exclusives, lack of online playback between the versions of the game, and other solutions that can hurt people living in the middle. The first attack of the epic seems to have caused Steam to penetrate all major publishers. Nevertheless, Epic has a good look at it, and Steam has a warmth, and maybe a platform that can not break through at the end of the valve. If not, the company may have real consequences for prolonged inactivity.

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