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What are the Liberals to do for the oil sector? "Consensus," says Morneu


Liberalists What to do to help the Alberta oil sector?

Consensus, Minister Bill Morneo.

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On November 25, Morino explained that the government is a "long-term" oil industry, but recently has been urged by the government to invest in railroad links by rail, and the gap is not easy to deal with.

"If we have consensus on the other initiatives we are considering, we will always listen to that consensus," he said.

"We know how important this issue is. We know this is a very big issue. We understand that the industry, industry players, and the government of Alberta are in discussions. If they have agreements to be heard, we want them. "

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According to Morneu, Prime Minister Justin Trudo hugged and protested Thursday with a visit to Calgary.

The Trudo Calgary Chamber of Commerce and Industry has taken up a series of debates about how government executives have been doing enough to reduce sharp oil prices. He acknowledged that he was "a crisis".

The Alberta oil is disclosed in comparison with the American light oil, mainly due to the possibility of being trapped in the US market and exporting oil to international markets, which can be highly appreciated.

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The shortage of transport is a major problem, and for this reason the province was so difficult to promote the expansion of the Trench.

Expansion of the existing pipeline will triple the capacity of the tanker capable of reaching tankers on the coast of the Lower Provinya JV.

However, anxiety about marine ecosystems' environmental impacts and lack of appropriate consultations with indigenous communities has been realized, and a few days later, Kinder Morgan, behind the project, negotiated with the federal government earlier this year.

Alberta's prime minister, Rachel Noley, last month urged federal investments in crude oil, which was transported by railway on railway transport to bring the region's oil to other markets, prior to construction or extension of the railway line. Some senior energy professionals are skeptical of the problem.

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Trudo canceled a question on oil-related issues from Sandeep Lalli, Chief Executive Officer of Calgary Chamber on Thursday.

"You do not think that simple answers are easy," he said.

"There is a huge variety of issues, and there is a tendency in the world to really answer simple questions, but unfortunately the world does not work."

Moreyo repeated these remarks.

"Our vision is to ensure that the Trans-Tauer pipeline is moving forward, the only thing we can do – we are trying to reach," he said.

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There is no timetable for the ongoing pipeline construction.

A federal judge said in August that the government did not give proper advice to the indigenous communities and that the review by the National Conservative Council of the former conservative government did not address the issue of maritime influences by increasing tanker traffic.

Amarridi Suki, the Minister of Environmental Protection, announced in September that the National Energy Council of the Government had instructed to pay special attention to the maritime traffic of tanker traffic extending in mid-February 2019 due to the expansion of the gas pipeline.

A few weeks later, Sochi also said that the government would not protest against the government's failure to consult with local stakeholders and to resume consultations on a timely basis to ensure that the discussions were finalized.

This government has questioned the October 2013 decision to allow a few months before the federal election to lose another season in the spring and summer constructions.

However, there is no answer that Canadians expect the project to be restored.

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