Friday , May 14 2021

What is the fight against HIV / AIDS stroke in MENA?

Monday, December 17 at 19:30:

Compared to other parts of the world, the MENA region has a low HIV / AIDS prevalence. However, new AIDS-related infections and mortality are associated with AIDS-related diseases. According to UNAIDS, over the past two decades, new HIV infections have increased by more than a quarter in the region.

In some countries, HIV / AIDS is still a taboo, and the illness continues to fail. Other factors that cause the problem include stigmatizing attitudes of healthcare workers that hinder patients from receiving life-saving treatments. According to UNAIDS, 29 percent of HIV-infected adults in MENA manage diseases with antiretroviral drugs.

In this episode we hear from people who work to fight HIV / AIDS in the MENA region. Does it not want to openly address the problem of HIV prevention and risk exposure?

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