Monday , June 5 2023

When Olivier Munn talked to the pilot he was very disturbed to talk with him


The pilot sat on an airplane flying by Olivier Munn during a breakthrough in the so-called "Free Run".

Pilot Adam Jr. Lizbon could not help but talk to his wife X-Men: Apocalypse when the actress was a passenger on his flight and called for "photographing with him", he left the mark.

"Pic or it has not been [sic], "Liston wife Mandy back to her:" It 's your lok moment [sic]. «

The list then sent a picture of his wife, otherwise she was negligent and told him she did not know what Mr. Green Packer's guard Aaron Rogers said to her ex-girlfriend.

"Say," Hey, my wife is a great fanatic ". So you're not like arrows, "says Mandi, telling her husband:" Call it to cockpit. "

After Mandi replaced a text message with her husband on a social network, Munn said everything that had been asked by the father of two people.

"I would take a picture, but he never asked for it," said Munston. "As I said to your husband, we thank him for being safe and thankful for the happiness."

This story originally appeared on Fox News and was re-issued where permitted.

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