Sunday , April 2 2023

Wind wind instrument in Pembniko burns


The wind turbine in the western town of Puvniko, NS, leaves the solid, burning material on Friday afternoon.

Firefighters were invited to the scene at 5 o'clock, but the head of the fire department at West Pubnico Gordon Amiro said they could do small firefighters to extinguish the fire.

"We could not get anywhere, because the knives still turn and the knives broke the knives," he said. "If one piece falls, it would be a long way through the wind, so the tower could not walk safely on any of the towers."

No one was injured.

When the Amira knife is turned, the airplanes are more than 100 meters above the air – too high to hit the fire.

"We could not only see what we were falling away but only burn it down."

According to firefighters, there is nothing to extinguish in turbines because they are too high in the weather. (Franck Crowell)

Amiro says two knives have been completely burned down and hit the bicycle in the center of the knives, just like a school bus.

About an hour was left to make sure that the firefighters did not let anyone go too far.

Amira said that the rain was good and the snow was covered with snow.

"If it is August, we will try to produce wood," he said Saturday morning.

Firefighters kept people away from the fire because of the fire during the fire. (Franck Crowell)

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