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You … Buy a headphones?


Microsoft is recognized internationally for its software, but in recent years it has turned its attention to the hardware part of things.

Surface's 2-in-1 laptop tablet is a bit smaller for the company, and now Microsoft's first headset turns into a headset – Surface Earphones.

But do many people like Apple's Beats and many other experiments do, whether it's a hit for Microsoft's crowd or not?

Surface Headphones (Jamie Harris / PA)

Design and comfort

About Surface Earphones First of all, they look really nice, simple but smooth gray to the main Surface machines, each having a Windows mirror logo.

Foam memories provide a level of comfort for tightening around each ear. Microsoft says that it's the same thing that is used by sumo wrestlers for a couple of hours to provide endurance and comfort. It does not need to be adjusted thanks to the bitter ears. It is a good sign that a long flight will be a good test.

Surface Headphones (Jamie Harris / PA)

The top of the head is equipped with a plastic plastic surface to hold a good feeling, but the steel that holds it feels unusual.

The length can be extended at a distance of 3 cm from each side, it provides many rooms and leaves a good place to sit on your neck when you do not use them.

In 290 grams, the headphones are really lightweight, so they do not put your head or car on.

There is a convenient kind of travel that is good, but most people may need the truth.


Surface Headphones (Jamie Harris / PA)

One error information will not be relevant when you use Surface Earphones. It's easy to connect your device to Bluetooth and your headphones quickly detect them, so it's not asking if your phone has any problems – for ease of hearing, the earphones always start at the battery level and you know and work with all connected devices.

Touch sensors operate as control buttons, and try to quickly and accurately identify the first touch. There are five touch gestures, one play or pause to select, the next track twice, three holes on the previous track, and two headphones to answer or end a call when you make a call; hold down the call for a long time.


All important questions and the main thing is that everyone wants to know – Does he sound?

Microsoft is full of Microsoft's various songs, but the best way to rate sound is to test different types of songs.

Ryanna strives to use her work, and her head does not shake her head without losing her voice.

Cinderella's "Power of Love" in a child holding a powerful vocals and absorbing instruments.

Surface Headphones (Jamie Harris / PA)

At the bottom of the rock route, the last resort of Papa Roach gives the instrument the right vocal control.

Generally speaking, sound quality is good, but many other earphones in the market.

Note that noise removal – External sounds except for the perfect Surface Headphones excel. Microsoft uses the same level dial, which checks the noise level up to 13 levels – means simple connection / disconnection without real progression between 13 levels, but it still has enough effect and excludes noise.

One of the most important issues in the frontline is that excessive motion may cause the sounds to be distorted by the speaker, which irritates cyclists when they are in the audience. Microsoft is using Surface Earphones technology with noise-canceling technology.


Battery – It offers up to 20 hours of cheap players, such as Sony, offering 15-hour play by pressing active noise.

The above USB-C charging means you can play an extra charge for five minutes.

Surface Headphones (Jamie Harris / PA)


The first attempt at Microsoft's earphones is a good start, but it's a must have to work in the battery compartment, at least to match its competitors, and also have a lot to do in vowels and something different from a very full market. As we have seen with Surface tablets, Microsoft is capable of learning and improving, so there is hope for the Surface Earphones, but it does not yet exist.

The design and comfort knows that the headphones destroy the noise.

Ultimately, this is all at a price, and Microsoft will ask for more when it's a new kid in a headset on a 329-pound sterling. There are also many other wireless headsets that offer cheaper hands-on pricing.

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