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You have 11 awesome symptoms that may be diabetes


Here is a
scary statistics: more than three and a half million South Africans suffer
diabetes mellitus
. But it does deteriorate: it is estimated at five million South
The level of African pre-diabetes (almost diabetes in the presence of sugar)
high levels, but insufficient for complete diabetes) – and 90%
it does not know that there are people.

Again, recall what diabetes is

Diabetes mellitus is not just one disease. There are actually three
Types of diabetes: type 1, type 2 and diabetes mellitus. Many people
There is Type 2 diabetes – it happens when your body does not use good insulin and if it is present
You will not be able to maintain sugar in your bloodstream Disease Control and Centers
Prevention (CDC)

Type 1 diabetes is more common – only about 5% of them
Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease
The body stops completely stopping the insulin (and can not regulate the bloodstream).

Gestational diabetes occurs in pregnant women – it usually happens
after birth, but it increases the likelihood of your development
According to the National Institute of Diabetes in the United States, the second type of diabetes
and digestive and renal disease (NIDDK).

All three types of diabetes can be detected by blood
test. The test is primarily for your blood glucose (a
sugar) is too high. But note: You can not diagnose yourself – even
OTC blood glucose, for NIDDK.

Unfortunately, many people have not diagnosed it
diabetes or diabetes because symptoms are very rare, says Dr. Norgany
Sonne, Endocrinologist in the Boston Medical Center.

These potentially dangerous diabetes mellitus symptoms suggest that there is a time
For the test, send it to your health care provider.

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1. You have to work all the time

When your blood sugar contains excess blood drops, yours
Endocrinologist Dr Mary says: "The body instinctively tries to get rid of it
Vouyiuklis Kellis. "Water is like sugar, so you get a lot of it
loss of urine, "he explains.

If you notice that you suddenly see a lot and often do not
For specific reasons – especially if you are sleeping several times a night
go – it's time to talk to your doctor, he says.

2. You never stop drinking water

All this is peering, dehydration is very real
opportunity. Because of problems deteriorating, "some patients do not know
or sugar, such as chocolate soda or diabetes with diabetes
adding to their blood sugar levels, "says Gounden. There are signs of dryness
dark urine, water (water) weight and excessive desert dropping.

Sounds familiar? Contact your doc for this potential symptom
diabetes mellitus, especially when it is known for many breaks in the bathroom.

3. Your breathing is bad

Dehydration associated with diabetes promotes nausea and poor drying
can cause inhalation. (Because, with a dry mouth, not enough
bacteria, and try to balance pH in your mouth, says Kelly.)

Additionally, there may be undiagnosed or uncontrolled diabetes
Ketos uses fat than glucose than energy.
Ketosis produces chemicals called ketone, which can do you
The smell of breathing is sweet or fruitless, he says – sometimes even odor
acetone, because it is a type of ketone.

Unless you get a Keto Diet (it is intended for use)
you should take care to talk to your doctor).

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4. Your vision is getting worse

Blurred vision is a common symptom of diabetes that is common and often disregarded
Women. Diabetes mellitus depends on your point of view? Kelly explains it
Liquid may be formed in the lens of the eye as the sugar level rises (remember: liquid
after sugar).

Growth of fluid in the eyes breaks the vision and causes
and sends many people to the optometer for new glasses
contact information.

Fortunately, you can control your sugar levels
Make sure you look dirty, "she says.

Diabetes mellitus

5. Your hands and your feet fall asleep

Neuropathy is a condition that can be considered insomnia or imaginary
your arms, legs, hands and legs will feel like pins and needles
By 2017 more than half of people with type 2 diabetes mellitus Diabetes mellitus review.

Why is such a widespread phenomenon? Diabetes mellitus reduces blood flow
and, in time, will damage the blood vessels and nerves, says Kelly.

6. Your slices and nipples will last forever for treatment

Decreasing your sense of limb gives you more flexibility
injuries. "You can not see the image as you can not feel it
it means you are less likely to care for it and you have a lot of opportunity to get it
infected, "says Gonnan.

Then, if you get an injury, uncontrolled diabetes can do
it is difficult to treat your body. "High blood sugar offers a good average
bacteria grow, "he says. Because diabetes is more common
resulting in high blood pressure and high cholesterol
Blanket packing can narrow the blood vessels, reducing blood supply
slow treatment.

Diabetes can weaken T-cells that make up your immune system
The system is your body's infection protection. "When blood sugar is high,
It's like forgiving the goat to your body to recover

7. You lose weight … but do not try.

For many reasons, an unclear weight can be lost
Diabetes is one of them. Explains that Gon helps insulin to move your body
to your blood sugar cells, so when you have insulin resistance,
Despite sugar flow, you do not have enough energy in your cells
With your body. "It is impossible to get enough sugar energy
Your body burns your oil and muscles, "says Kelly. "Weight can be lost
very important, sometimes 4.5-9 kg. «

Usually, doctors recommend going to the doctorate
loss of body weight from 5 to 10 percent
six-month course.

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8. You have enough sleep, but you are still

Your body's glucose carbohydrates are yours
The body's main source of energy. But your body can not use this eye effectively
When you have diabetes, Goundan explains. (And diabetes associated with it
dehydration can cause fatigue.)

Of course, there are other reasons you should feel
your diet, your stress level and how much you have been exploited

However, if you think of other important reasons
excessive fatigue and your low energy level are accompanied by some of them
Other diabetes mellitus symptoms are checked.

9. You will have an amazing number of yeasts

High sugar sugars make the pigment in your mouth
for Yeast
. "Glucose is a fuel for yeast. A lot of them around,
they can multiply, "says Kelly.

If you have two or three yeast infections, or in a few months
If standard treatments do not work, it's time to see a doctor.
"It reduces the frequency of blood sugar control," says Gonnan.

Diabetes mellitus

10. Your skin is full of dark spots

The skin around your neck is dark
arms, and even the most striking and common symptom in your bone marrow
insulin resistance, precursor of diabetes mellitus – a medical name
Aigmentus nigrians (AN).

"We often meet women with polycystic kidney syndrome
(PCOS), "said Kellys, stressing that women with PCOS have been at risk.
insulin problems. If you notice new black spots on your skin, they are valuable
checking with the doctor.

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11. You always feel awkward

People with diabetes often suffer from yeast
infections (can also occur on the skin), dry skin or poor circulation,
According to the American Diabetes Association.
If you have a bad blood circulation, your feet will be the worst.

You can treat ADA by limiting yourself to limb
how much you are without detergent (especially in a less humid climate) with soap
Please note that the built-in moisturizer and lotion can be used immediately after washing

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