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Young and Calm Violent Monday, August 19: The wedding of Kyle and Lola, Adrian makes an outward appearance, Theo challenges


Young and Quiet Violators Monday, August 19: The wedding of Kyle and Lola, Adrien makes an outward appearance, Theo makes it difficultThe Young and calm violators On Monday, August 19th, Drama Kyle Abbott (Michael Meore) and Lola Rosales (Sasha Calle) will be at a wedding.

Young and calm violators – Adrian

Kyle and Lola were amazed at their married life. Guests also want to visit, where Celeste Rosales (Eva LaRuire) says that his father, Adrian Rozales (J. Montalvo), arrives at the wedding for Reese Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso). Ray casts a stick on Adrian and tells him to leave. Adrian tells Lola that she wants to see Lola, and she will not leave until she's gone. Reigh says that Adrian did not want to see Lola. Arturo Rosales takes steps to end the disagreement. Ray tells Arthur that Adrian has broken his wedding, and Lola does not know that she is here. Adrian apologizes for his mistakes and says that if Lola wants. Arturo Reyes is asking Lola to speak up about Adrian and go away.

Ray is in the room with Adrian, a self-righteous man. Arturo returns to discuss Reim and Mia Rosales (Noemi González). Arturo Mia says he is working well, and they make the baby happy. She acknowledges that she does not want to be a father, but she wants to be a good man. They both get married and embrace.

Lola Rei and Celeste then went out and found that they were following them. Lola went into the living room and looked up at Adrian and shuddered. She says she wants to see her on the wedding day. Both of them had a long conversation, and Lola said she could not hug her today. When he came to pick up Lola Kyle at the reception, he said that his father had been here.

Young and calm violators are the festive mood of Billy

When Abbott talked about merging with each other, Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) drew attention. Tracy Abbott (Page Newland) says that this is not the time to discuss the topic and replace the topic. Victoria Newman (Amelia Gaelin) apologizes Instruct Billy's departure from him.

When Billy goes, she says she is disappointed that she can not go to Victoria with her daughter Delia Abbott (Sophie Pollono). Victoria loves her before leaving.

Billy Crimes stops near the Light and sees Michael Baldwin shaking hands with Adam Newman (Mark Grossman). The man once was Michael D. it is said. they make things passable, but Michael warns them that they need to be cautious or face prison terms. The man says that this is not a negotiation, he leaves. She answers Billy Michael about Adam and asks why Kevin Fischer (Greg Ricard) has caused her to leave the city. Billy reminds Billy that it should not be allowed, but Billy says it's a rum. He invokes Adam and Michael's rats and Michael warns again.

Then Billy worries Victoria at home and says she is looking for her. He asks where he is and says he needs to clean his head. Their discussion with Michael and Billy D.

Young and calm violators – Theo break the wedding

Theo Vanderui (Tyler Johnson) breaks the reception, and Phillies opposes the Sammerce (Michelle Stafford) not to be called on. Theo says that she came suddenly to her husband, and Phillips answers "continue."

Then, Theo Blonde appears with a woman. Kyle teaches Theo, and opposes him. The Teo Kyle asks if he remembers whether he is remembered by Anna Grace Barlow. According to Kyle, she died, how can she forget her? Theo offers peace offerings to all. According to Zoy, he feels good and does not offend the situation. Kyle regretted the situation in New York and apologized to Zoe to Theo and said he planned to make a drama at a wedding. Kyle orders the Theo.

When Theo left, Phillips stopped him and asked him to tell the story.

Young and calm violators – reception service

Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) introduces a happy couple while applause. Lola welcomed her brother Arturo and said that she was glad that all her favorite things were here.

Before Kyle and Lola made their first dance, Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) spoke to guests. Summer is watching dance couples, and Phillips is examining it. According to the summer, she is very good, and Phillix has promised to have a wedding at the beginning of Kyle and Lola one day.

Kyle and Summer talk with him later on, and agree to start with pure shifer, but the emotional summer does not end.

Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) is on the stage and makes a toast for Kyle and Lola. Then he talks about Abbott and Rosalés families in Celeste. Arturo ran to Abby and apologized for hurting his heart. Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic) appears and asks if there are any difficulties. Arturo tells them to enjoy the evening and then leaves. Tracy and Ashley Abbott (Aylin Davidson) watch the dance of Jack and Celeste.

The reception ended, and the bride's bouquet came. Mariah had a chance to overcome her. Kyle and Lola are sharing another kiss before leaving.

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