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16 New Year's Rituals and Cables, You Can Implement The Society

Every year on December 31, at 00:00, traditions and customs on the eve of New Year require more prosperity than leaving us.

In Chile, everything happened in 2018. It was a change of government, the victory of Una Mujer Fantástica in Oscars, the rise of the feminist movement, the Black Sea crisis, and other events and situations.

If you have the courage and good 2019, I wish you good luck.

Among the most popular traditions are:

1.- Dress in yellow: If you want to have fun in 2019 and find that this is not enough, then you wear this pants.

2.- Red lingerie: If you want to engage in love, you can wear this ribbon with a waistcoat under the clothes in the red underwear or in the absence of clothes in order to be filled with interest and enthusiasm in 2011.

3. – Guarantee Exchange: If you want to strengthen your relationship with your partner, especially if they have some difficulties, they need to exchange clothes, so their fate will stay in touch throughout the year.

4.- White clothes, new clothes: The first is prevention of good health and illness. If you want to regularly update the cabinet in 2011, you need to wear new clothes.

Review Book
Review Book

5.- Money in the foot: In 2019 you can put a ticket or coin to the shoes to achieve economic prosperity.

6. Eating leeks: If you come to a luxury and good place to go, you need to eat this bean spoon in half a century. It will give you prosperity.

7.- Grapes: They start your plans and projects as a symbol. Put 12 juicy glasses, eat one with each stroke and wish a new year.

8. Water glass: If you want to get rid of all the adverse events and pains that will happen in 2018, you have to dump a glass of water from home in the middle of the night.

9. Burned Paper: If you want to delete some of the negative things of the past, write them down and write it in the middle of the night so that it does not happen again in the new year.

Pixabay (CCO)
Pixabay (CCO)

10. – Wish List: If you want this dream to go on in 2019, you have to make a list of wishes and solutions for your problems, fold the paper, and open it at midnight.

11. Shilling: Put your suitcase or bag in your home in order to be traveling or at least unstable by 2019. However, if you have enough time to travel and you want to do it with your partner, you need to turn the blog together.

12. The rings in the cup: If you are one of those wishing to have a wedding, you need to place a golden stand on a saucy glass jar. In addition, this tradition also lends prosperity and money.

Lamp: All of them attract different energies according to their color. For example, the blue world; mollusks; red passion; green health; white and white orange.

Pexels (CCO)
Pexels (CCO)

14. Cleaning the house: If you want to eliminate all the bad forces and remove the good stuff, today you have to clear the whole house and things that are not good for getting a clean home in 2019.

15. The table is decorated: If you want to develop flour, place a good crockery and dishes. If you add gold to the table, it will not send money to your home. If you want to love your family, place a red light.

16.- Casting: If you want to be happy in love in 2019, you have to be in the middle of the night in a hugger's opposite sex.

As you can see, there are dishes for all tastes, so you choose the one that you expect in 2019 … and remember that your faith raises the mountain.

Which of these customs you abandon? Do you know other traditions not listed in this note?

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