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26% of patients with COPD die 8 years after the diagnosis


The smoking, wooden smoke protection as well as aging of the population are dangerous factors of development Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), has considered the most important health problem around the world.

In Mexico, 7.9% of the population suffer, according to Marco Polo Makias, a pulmonologist Higher education in bronchoscopy.

"Chronic bronchitis and emphysema are some of the terms that are used to refer to COPDhe said.

The most common symptoms of respiratory, chronic cough and skin problems are gradual degradation.

"Particularly in the first place is the absence of weather, especially when it comes to physical activity, but with no physical activity over time," said a specialist, and also a manager of the GSK Medical Therapy Department in Mexico.

The World COPD Day is celebrated on November 21.

According to a study in Mexico, 8 years after diagnosis, 26% of patients die, so COPD is an important health problem.

It requires prophylactic efforts, as well as reducing risk factors, such as exposure to tobacco smoke and fuel, "Makias said.

This disease affects some 251 million people in the world, so we need to treat them in a timely manner, taking into account the factors that make the diagnosis.

COPD causes physical disability, as some patients are exposed to oxygen for at least 18 hours, which limits their daily activities.

In addition, they are often aggravated; ie intense episodes of characters that can last from days to weeks.

They should even be hospitalized, which can provide about 100,000 pounds of annual medical care.

This year, thanks to investments in research and development of the Macias GSK, it is possible to launch a new therapeutic option.

"Thirteen treatments consisting of these inhalation steroids and long-acting bronchodilators are a serious problem that can lead to 25% in moderate to severe pain and 34% for hospitalization," he said.

European scientists will be able to monitor lung cancer patients with KOOPD

A group of researchers from eight EU countries provide a controlled "control" of patients with KOOPD in real-time.

According to Coimbra, Portugal, one of these pillows financed by the Portuguese Portuguese eight Portuguese researchers has reached 10 million euros and is not invasive with the help of various electric currents.

The ultimate goal of the study, which has been developed over the last four years and involving experts from Greece, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the Netherlands, is to identify early complications of patients. COPD will be the fourth cause of death in the world in 2030.

This dress, called "welcome", changes the paradigm for the treatment of these diseases, as it is a commitment to predict, prevent, personalize and participate in the medication.

COPD is a habit-forming respiratory illness. This was due to the traditional man. However, the vulnerability of women to smoking and their admission to this habit has recently increased the incidence of the disease in women in recent years.

For the first time in the history of the United States, women's deaths from COPD have exceeded the number of men three times in the last twenty years.

This tendency is observed in developed countries such as Canada, Great Britain or Finland.

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