Sunday , August 14 2022

4 HIV prevention tips


December 1 is World AIDS Day. Therefore, Gynecologist Evelyn Campos offers four tips on the prevention of infection.

To date, over 42 million HIV infected people have been infected worldwide. By 2016, about 1 million people died of AIDS-related illnesses. However, UNAIDS has shown that in Latin America, the rate of infection has dropped to 17 percent.

As part of the World AIDS Day, the gynecologist specializing in the clinic, Dr. Eveline Campos Zunian shares four tips on HIV prevention for women.

1. Use of condensate: It is recommended to use condoms during sexual intercourse, especially with sports associates.

2. Water-soluble lubricant: When used with lubricant materials, it is best to dissolve in water. Other presentations may damage or disable condoms.

3. The needle can not be shared or exchanged: It is recommended not to share needles and syringes are new to prevent new HIV infections, which is one of the ways to get sick.

4. Analysis of pregnant women: Each pregnant woman is recommended to undergo HIV testing at her first pregnancy to help prevent viral transmission from her mother to a newborn. Determining the time allows the mother to start the proper treatment that reduces the chance of harm to a small child.

Finally, Dr. Campos offers advice on preventive methods and periodic advice on how to identify potential health risks for gynecologist health.

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