Tuesday , August 16 2022

A scientist who announced the creation of genetically modified babies, defended his experiment


The Chinese scientist Jenkiu has proved to be effective on Wednesday, claiming he created the world's first genetically modified baby. To be resistant to certain diseases, such as HIV.

"The research has yielded results and was recommended for review by the scientific community"He spoke at the Hong Kong University during a second conference on the Human Genome edition.

In my speech I am has admitted that his experiment was not endorsed by the official authorities– defended the twins as being genetically modified, Lulu and Nana, "They are healthy and happy", due to in vitro fertilization with genetic modification technology " does not allow them to infect HIV ".

I have justified the use of the editorial technique of the gene CRISPR / Cas9 experiment is not aimed at eliminating genetic diseases ", but "Let the girls have the natural ability to counteract HIV infection in the future."

"These people need help and we have technology"He also noted that parents were aware of the risks in practice and showed their consent.

"Despite progress in the treatment of HIV, new infections remain a problem for many countries, especially in low-income countries," he said.

She noted that with seven couples, one of her members has been experimenting with HIV infection "Pregnancy Opportunities" among them.

And also scientist She thanked the University of Southern Science and Technology he worked from Shenzhen, "Even if they do not know what they are doing," they say.

Last Monday the university announced its study of a scientist To determine whether your experience violates applicable laws and regulations.

The university felt it "It's a shocking thing", as it is qualified "Serious Violation of Ethical Norms and Academic Standards".

That day More than 120 scientists A note from the Chinese scientific community Sina Weibo, The Chinese equivalent of Twitter "any attempt" to make changes in human embryos through genetic modifications "foolish" and what gives This is a lightweight "high risk" for babies.

Magazine Worldwide Nature He is currently participating in the debate and approving it in the article this announcement is "evil" between the international scientific community and, if it is true, is "an important step in using human genome changes."

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