Tuesday , June 6 2023

According to agents of the commission, shares of "Grupo Aval" can reach 102%


Experts believe in the recovery of the banking sector

Andrés Venegas Loaiza – [email protected]

At the end of the week, the president of Asobankiia, Santiago Castro, was invited to sell investors to stop the so-called "economic turmoil" in the financial sector. stock markets in some financial groups expected to decline.

At the invitation of the employee, Aval Group (the largest bank group in the country), problems with the Odebrok business, caused their shares to enter the stock market.

Nevertheless, LR assumed the task of considering the types of groups and other banking sectors of financial analysts that none of them had prestige and negative expectations. On the contrary, banks in the sector expect good weather in 2019.

In the end, the shares of Grupo Aval appear in the form of the best way analysts are targeting their target price; therefore, the preferred share of the company "Korfololombani", who suffered from conflict, may rise up to 102% of its current value and the simple share can be recovered up to 91.2%; is a good design.

Valdes and Valores' shareholder analyst Alexandra Cellie explained, "It's best to have a business venture out of the market with the Aval Group's theme," but she has shown good results and strong companies because of their strengths, individuals in the medium term are a great opportunity.

Ultrasonfinco's shareholder, Carlos Rodriguez, says: "There are always rumors and toughies on the market, but the truth is that banks today have the same level of credit and capitalization as they have. well located. "

The expert argued that Aval had been stronger than the noise in the group, and the question of Ruta del Sol had been in Colombia for over two years and saw what the company was doing? Aval is ahead of media risks. "

Ómar Suárez, chief executive officer of Casa de Bolsa, notes that the downturn in the portfolio in 2018: "The deterioration in quality and the ROE and the impact on the net profit of the banks are justified", however, the specialist expects that these factors will be expected to improve by 2019 .

In the latest monthly report identified by the Financial Supervision, banks have begun to recover, and eight out of ten of these organizations have increased their profits by 2017.

"We support the banking sector by 8% next year, with a rapid growth of the portfolio and a decline in the portfolio, as some major electricity customers will improve their utility services," Rodrigues said.

On the other hand, according to Tselin, "no matter what the noise, no negative proposition is made, as it is not theirs, they are authoritative, they are strong."

Aval Group – the principal shareholder and holder of Banco Popular with a share of 93.70%; Banco Av Villas took 79.90%; Banco de Occidente, with 72.30% of shares; Banco Bogotá, where it is 68.70%; and Porvenir, where he will take up to 20%. Corficolombiana is a subsidiary of Banco de Bogotá, its share is 32.93%.


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