Friday , May 14 2021

According to Pablo Terner, Falabella has a balance and talent to "create a free market for the line"

At Icare, he said that he should invest in the company to buy new customers.

The president of the AD Retail company Pablo Turner will present high-level tests before the Linio company has set up Falabella for about five years to set up the platform as an appropriate competing in the international concert.

"It's very interesting to know what will happen to the line because it's a fake market, it does not work, breaks, and so on. Mercado Libre has completely downloaded and sells very little (Linio). Falabella has balance and talent to make Linio a free market. The problem is that it does not have a capital market, it has Mercado Libre, "he warned.

As part of the Icare workshop, she explained that Falabella is on a traditional market, which is not used for costs incurred at the expense of a newly launched business segment.

"Let's face it last week. Linio commented on the Falabella report, which was demanded by the traditional market and used for the positive Ebitda, for example, showing Sibleac's positive shares, such as Ebitda and Linio, that unfortunate money lost.

For Turner it is obvious that Linio should lose the real money with the possibilities.

"There is a basis, but for new consumers there is a purchase price and it's spent on it. Falabella has talent and balance, but I know that she has managed to justify capital markets, and the cost of buying customers means to really compete in a competitive environment with global brands, "he said. is to improve the user experience.

Movistar: Match for 5G

Telephonica Chile obviously does not have to invest in telecommunications in the country. According to Roberto Munoz, General Manager, infrastructure costs are the key to the road.
"We need to increase the attractiveness of the investor, so we are investing and supplying the infrastructure," he said.
He said, "In Chile, there is a need to reduce costs." Example: "Placing a cellular phone in Santiago or the regions should be about 70% more in Paris or London."
He noted that "this is a field that competes in 5G".

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