Saturday , June 3 2023

Alexis Sanchez did not have a real race against Manchester United


It's Saturday Manchester United won Crystal Palace in Old Trafford. Yet Alexis Sanchez Not as a starter, but in the second faction.

The match was the assistant to the main character because in both cases two goals were lost, which could give the transitional advantage.

Sometimes, The verification procedure was incorrect and did not set big goals in the port.

However, when football is well developed, The two archers trusted the requirements of the rude duel.

Jose Mourinho, "The Red Devils"Decided to give a new direction to the development of football in the middle of the football field.

He was surprised to change the French steering wheel Paul Pogbawho was Alexis Sanchez of Chile replaced, The Portuguese coach was the eleventh who opened the account.

Chile was very active in the game development. He did at least two passages that could be achieved, but it is a waste of their team.

At the same time, he sometimes performs a creative role that he feels good. He did not shoot a goal, yes broke the central square of Crystal Palace While attacking Libretton, he "The Dramatic Theater«

At present, Manchester United accepts the Young Boys On the new day of the UEFA Champions League group stage.

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