Wednesday , October 5 2022

All Swans


For Chile, this is not just any party, but should be kept in mind. The following Saturday, San Carlos de-Apocinato stadium will leave football for some time to pay attention to rugby. XV Confectioners New Zealand's ethnic group Maori All Blacks receives an oval piece of ocean game.

Not the first national team, but the All Blacks team – up to many fights, for example, from 59 to 22,000 in the United States World Cup. People in Chicago, November 3. Or you can say Brazil, when Chilean, who was only in friendly relations in São Paulo, black men aged 3-35, who could not play official games.

It's very simple to identify fifteen people: Maori is one of the few ethnic groups that can be found only in Chile's Mapuche.

Maori All Blacks is a rich tradition and team of history. It was founded in 1888 by the people of New Zealand (the New Zealand People's Team), and in 1910 it was known to date. For the first time, they have traditionally been accustomed to being a veteran of war, which means the old Maori tradition, which was formed by the Polynesian influence of the modern New Zealand people.

That morning, Monday morning at Santiago airport a delegation of potatoes came to meet the ribbistans and asked for the spirit of our ancestors, who had a good attack in Chile. show them the clothes and tools that are specific to the Arabian culture.

After a three-hour trip from Brazil, Maori All Blacks performed their first exercise. About a hundred children from various schools in Santiago and members of young rugby teams came from.

The experience is uneven, an exhibition which is the first contact with the Chilean community. When the ophthalm stopped, the players approached the people to sign their signature and take photos.

Saturday will also allow you to see what level of Condors is. The diagnosis will be more important than the result. President of the Rugby Federation Jorge Adria also believes. "This level team is very important to make excursions here. We hope to boost our competition for our high performance players, "said the manager.

Comparing the levels, Maori is all professionals and traditionally integrated into any of the many Blake blocks, such as Ne Milner-Scudder (the 2015 world champion in England and author of six work titles), but with a shoulder injury to Japan, more accurately for the senior team.
Fifteen Chilean rentals are just one. "It's an unprecedented challenge and a dream for the players," explains Araia, who wants to collect points, as if the winner is known on Saturday.

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