Tuesday , June 6 2023

Anecdote shows how strong Ronda Rawse is


A soldier or soldier tells himself or about his partner all the time Interestingly, they are often talked about by several people. In many cases, they make us part of their life or, in general, a few ways they do not.

At the beginning of last month, Undertaker talked about Mark Henry.

"(…) One day, during the excursion, I left the hotel and in the morning went to another city for a four-hour bus trip. When it's time The bus did not have sufficient space to continue the ride, as the car drove him away. No owner, we did not know what to do. (…) Then Mark Henry knew what was going on: "I'll fix it". Get out of the bus (…) and lift the car out of the way (…) ".


This time a strong person says, but he talks about Ronda Rawsi, in Open radio:

"Maybe, I must say who this story is, but I will. I talked about getting stem cells to help the knee and brush fluorizer. They control me and do what they do – they break the hip bones and bone marrow. They make the serum and, if necessary, introduce them. They assured me of this. When I woke up, I felt like having any surgery or injury.

"Then I heard it Ronda Roussi received the same treatment, but without anesthesia. They lifted the spine and broke his thighs. It was a wound, but he could do it. I could not do that. I awakened and asked the nurse to go to bed. And did he wake up? This should be one of the strongest in the world«

Talk about anecdotes about former WWE wrestlers He did so recently.

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