Saturday , June 3 2023

Anel again demanded another time for charges against Bokina


Enel Generación Chile, the managing director of Coronel's Bocamina Thermoelectric plant, made a public announcement that day, following a mid-afternoon announcement of the SMA-compliant concept.

"Due to the aforementioned, the company has demanded an extension by the authorized body," the company said.

"Enel Generación Chile has improved the environment at Bocamina plant, improved its management standards, and its sustainability is the core axis of its strategic focus," the company said.

On this day, SMA reported that it was blaming the company for environmental violations in the Biobio area.

Questionable projects – Environmentally friendly by RCA N ° 206/2007, Bocamina Thermoelectric Central Expansion (Part Two); "Bocamina Thermoelectric Power Plant Expansion", RCA N017 / 2010; and "Bohemian Thermoelectric Optimization of the Second Block," RCA No. 128/2015.

The violations were identified when working on the 2nd block of the Thermal Power Plants 2 (Bokamina 1 Thermoelectric Station (CTB1) and Block 2 Thermoelectric Power Plant (CTB2), which included a permanent water quality monitoring program, according to DS 90/2000

On the basis of environmental monitoring reports, Superintendence revealed six facts of infringement:

1. CTB1 did not report all parameters specified in its monitoring program.

2. The CTB1 did not report the required control frequency.

3. The CTB1 exceeds the maximum allowed for the Fecal Coliform and / or Total Solved Solids parameter.

4. CTB1 did not report backdate due to the required re-registration.

5. The CTB2 did not report all parameters specified in the monitoring program.

6. CTB2 did not report the required frequency.

These violations are classified as small, so a company may have a written warning or up to 1,000 annual Taxes (UTA) penalties.

Upon receipt of this information, Enel Generación Chile SA will, within 10 business days, submit the appropriate Program (PdC) and within 15 business days to its respective Notices.

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