Saturday , January 28 2023

Another way to get a cheaper shopping experience


Offers online From November 19th to November 20st, at night, 109 virtual stores that are involved in the Colombian Electronic Commerce Chamber (CCCE) will be measured in a new Cyberlunes Internet rebate.

According to him, 1.8 million people are calling Colombians Felipe Villarreal, CCCE cybernet manager.

This will increase the number of visitors to the portal in November 2017 by 40%, which is a total of 1.3. CCCE believes that the company will reach 580 billion pesos in sales, which last year increased by 38.75 percent compared to 418 billion pesos.

Regarding products and services this year, Villarreal is traveling in the thirteenth version of Cyberlunes as well as technological items (tablets, cell phones, etc.), sportswear. "This is a good opportunity to improve Christmas shopping," he said.

Indeed, this day also threatens private finances if silver is not controlled properly (see "Keys").

That is why Raoul Cardona, A bachelor of finance program and a professor of Eafit University, emphasized the importance of purchasing, as needed. "Look at Cyberlunes for products and discounts that you plan to buy," she advised.

At the end of the year, fever usually means spending money on gifts or holiday plans. According to data posted on the website of (one of the most important online discounts in the world), 34% of all purchases were fashion, 21% technology and 42% toys, beauty and home.

In this sense, by the end of the year, there are a number of ways to save the budget: measuring costs is important because some people strive to pay for school or university fees and clothing at the end of Christmas. and other expenses.

CCCE and the Ecommerce Observatory will be able to process commercial transactions by the end of 2018, even though less than two months before the end of the year. online Reaching 100 million (see chart). This is 17% higher than last year's data.

If for these two organizations the budget would be the best year for the segment since 2014. Four years ago, digital operations were worth 16.6 million (15.4 billion pesos). In 2015 this figure will increase by 195% to 48 million dollars. Last year 87.8 million transactions were concluded, which is 51.2 billion transactions. Pushed to Peso.

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