Saturday , June 3 2023

Anti-doping rules violate: Sergio Ramos defines football indictments – International Football


© AFP. Sergio Ramos has been banned from football

Spanish defender Real Madrid has duplicated the rules twice – the Champions League final and the current league title in 2017. TVN


This Friday was a serious accusation Leaving football, which directly reflects Sergio Ramos.

According to recent testimonies, the Spanish defender failed to double the anti-doping rules.

Data on football, player real Madrid I would give Pleasant to Dessamethasone after the completion UEFA Champions League 2017 where "monkeys" were ordered Juventus In Wales.

Moreover, it does not Madrid physician Ramos acknowledges that the above-mentioned substance has been injected twice with the knee and shoulder.

Finally, it was announced that the player had abandoned the rules in April 2018 after the game between Real Madrid and Real Madrid. Malagabecause at that time the defender would have been subjected to anti-doping testing, which was strictly forbidden.

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