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Are you addicted to video games? In the Netherlands you can heal yourself in the clinic


Children are in a meeting

Three of the BBC / Tomas Freimorgen

Yes, we are meeting clinics with their patients how they feel.

I am in the intensive part of the group therapy. This is a «Circle for sharing experiences» 20 people. Except for the advisor to whom the session is administered, everyone is under five years of age and they are here restoration of life those who have lost control.

He hopes to change it with his team's bad actions.

One member of the group, 19-year-old Ewa *, reads a list of all the time his behavior has damaged the greatest number of people come.

"Someone said," Several months ago, I told my parents that they did not want them. " "When I talked about it, I hurt them greatly."

"Two: Last year, I contacted the guy I wanted to commit suicide«

The list goes on. Ewa reads a lot of things: she thinks it's wrong: she hides her feelings, she says she is perfect and self-destructive, "she says. It does not clean its teeth. He does not engage in sports. Sometimes I'm not in a shower.
Eva was loyal and admired, and at the end of her speech, I regret it.

Crazy, an advisor to the session, goes out into the circle.

He asks, "Who is the explanation?" "Ethan *".

Ethan, a 17-year-old boy with a jeans, turns to Eve. I think you are ready to provide a few words of support.

Patient form

Three of the BBC / Tomas Freimorgen

The most popular games are Minecraft, World of Warcraft, or Battlefield.

"I would like to say" Good Interaction "or" Anyway, "Ethan says, removing the hair away from the face. "But what was the outcome of your behavior?" He says, "if you take it very harshly, do you really do it?"

"In my opinion, I think," Eva answers with caution. His legs go under the chair, he looks at the person from person to person. Twenty pairs are invisible to the naked eye.

She looks around. «What kind of emotions do you think it is?"She asks.

There is a delay. Then another teenager, Thomas, breaks the silence.

"I think it depends on your integrity with the victim. You do not understand why you are mistaken, so you do the role of a victim. «

My the phone vibrates strongly. I remembered that I had not been watching him in one hour, and I had to print with pulse force to look at it. Looking back at Eve I am calm.
Initially, I think he is worried about me. My phone vibrates again. I can not think of it in the pocket and put it in its place.

But Eve cries. It does not say anything. The room looks at her silently. I do not regret it, she is really angry.

The squad moves to the group.

"Who feels? self-esteemhe says.

The room moves to the "safe" and "absolutely" chorus.

«Do you want to change?– He asks Eva.

"Yes, I want to change," Eva says, with a voice of voice.

"Do you know that your behavior tends to draw attention?" Wrote Crow Ewa.

Silence passes through the room.

"Nevertheless," Eve says with a low voice. "But I'll be learning."

Yes, we can get the clinic

Three of the BBC / Tomas Freimorgen

The cost of treatment is about $ 64,000.

Two hours ago I was probably the center of mental health, located in a quiet corner of the city in the south of the Netherlands, in a long wooden boulevard. As my taxi approached the dark door, the trees became a big home with spacious and well-maintained areas.

This informal boarding house could be made of pixel blocks in a video game Minecraft; or stage stage level Goodman.

This polyclinic accepts specialized mental health treatments for people aged 13-25 years, including behavioral and other behavioral problems that are unaware of the dependence on computers and smartphones and classifications in the medical community. fewer contracts.

Most participants say that they are dependent on themselves smartrofons, social networks or video games.

For the first time this year, the World Health Organization officially joined in June Dependence on video games in International Classification of Diseases (CIE).
The treatment program in this clinic will continue to include video recording in an equitable environment that harms drugs, alcohol and gambling, and 10 weeks program Keep away from everyone else's life.

Discussions about smartphone and video game habits have been on since they existed.

The 42nd founder, Jan Villa Peet, is of the opinion that it is growing. He founded the clinic in 2010 to fill the vacancy in the market, and opened the Dutch mental health center, offering individualized treatments for young people.

"He inspired me for the slogan Barack Obama campaign"She laughs.

Jan Willem Poot

Three of the BBC / Tomas Freimorgen

Jan Willem Poot inspired Obama to report on the name of the patient's clinic: Yes, we.

It is pure enthusiasm. In my opinion, this may be contrary to your life when you are young I spent eight grams of cocaine a day.

Since 2004, drug and alcohol purity, the villa has created a clinic to help youth solve mental health problems. That is why young people who come to his first clinic often say that they are connected to the popular Call of Duty video cognac.

"We go every week in the woods," says the villa's wide eyes. "We had several children:" It looks like a game World of Warcraft ", or Battlefieldor anything else. They imagined that every enemy of the tree or roof was behind the enemy or that there was a complete army behind each ceiling.

In the middle of the forest, this is the first group activity of the day – this route is the route. Tom does not like this as Eva has shown as a victim.

"It's Stable!"

It was one day before his twentieth birthday. They tied it to the siege and stopped at the wooden stairs.

"I can not do it! I hate the highs.

Thomas began to hold his tears. About two feet from the ground, about six meters from the ground. It is not far off, but it does not want to cross.

"You can do it, Tomas!" "says James, from London.

Tom goes down the staircase and leaves the face. I'll come closer to him. She breathes strongly and cheeks are red. I ask why he came here.

"Basically for game dependence," he says, his climbing skills. "It can also be related to eating disorder and pornography, which is still under discussion."
Tom is at the clinic sixth week. The most difficult thing ever since it came – turn off video game accounts.

"When I did that, I was collecting and weeping," he says. "Although this is a problem, there are good memories about people on the stage who are meeting video games and people."

Tom has learned in the past six weeks outdoor leisure, it's a rare thing when I play 16 hours a day.

I did not like Tomas, he knew that he was thinking of himself, at the same time he was strong and weak. Many other 19-year-olds have the prospect that they had been thinking about a year ago when they were away from their home and over-eating.

I was amazed when Thomas accepted the microphone and performed the magnificent performance by Rag God for Eminem: six minutes and 1.5 thousand rap rap rapors.

The other children always enjoy it.

The patient in the woods

Three of the BBC / Tomas Freimorgen

The program lasts for 10 weeks for young people aged 13 to 25 years.

I do not understand immediately why there is something interesting about karaoke.

Then I realize that this is a group of teenagers and singing in the tent on a day roof that is fully adaptable to both groups. Now they look younger.

As young people from wealthy families individuals engaged in private care, people who have received scholarships from abroad are happy in certain ways. People from adverse families are at risk of developing mental health problems and have fewer treatment options.

Price is nearby $ 64,000.

All young people from all over the West prove to be the same mental health crisis.

In recent years a anxiety and depression disorders.

According to the London Institute for Educational Policy, over the past five years, the number of visits to mental health services for children and adolescents in the UK has increased by 26%.

The child plays

Chesnot / Getty

Video game dependence has not increased over the last few years.

Jean Twenge is suspected of having a common sense. In his iGen book, a psychologist says, after 2012, the behavior and emotional circumstances of adolescents have undergone serious changes.

That year, he wrote, that was exactly the same time Americans with a smartphoneor 50%.

Young people on "the worst side" mental health crisis for decades, "he wrote,[y] Many of these deterioration can be attributed to their phones. «

Twenge has found correlation between increased use of smartphones and increased depression and loneliness among young people.
She also explains that after the launch of the iPhone in 2007, young Americans began to experience socialization, dating and sex.

Teenagers are releasing more time than ever before, "he wrote. "So, what are you doing then?" They are alone and often suffer in their cell phones.

Stairs of the center

Three of the BBC / Tomas Freimorgen

Some children admit that they are playing in the center for 16 hours.

However, not everyone agrees. Peter Etxels, Professor of Psychology at Spa in Bath, United Kingdom, says: Jean Thong's Book Communication between smartphones and depression, but it does not cause anyone else.

It warns of the dangers of treating behavior that has not been recognized as a mental health problem.


Research or computer dependency smartphone, social networking and video games are still at an early stage of research.

"In the case of consumption of cocaine or heroin, we see clearly the harm they have caused," he says.

"However, video game-dependent research does not do much to share with most active people, but it does not endanger them and there's a problem for them."


Three of the BBC / Tomas Freimorgen

Am I surprised that Dr. Etholz is right? There is a risk of overdognosis. During this trip, I met many young people who had many problems. Are they insufficient? And how do you know if someone has "enough illness"?

Then I sit down for an interview with Ethan, who has been in the clinic for about 10 weeks. He is kind and charismatic, totally different, he says to the man at the time.

"I was afraid of everything," she says.

Ethan loyally speaks with the behavior of everyone who knows me. She tells her what she has done every day before she returns to this clinic.

"I was six in the afternoon," he says. «I would fall asleep at night. This is convenient. Approximately few people. While my parents were asleep, I went down and ate something.

What happened when parents found you?

"Very simple," she says. "I did not ignore them."

Severe childhood trauma

My phone vibrates again. I feel that WhatsApp messages are coming back. For a moment I'm not worried. I'm focusing on Ethan.

Ethan lamented for a long time in her room. I have a panic. He hurt himself. She has been dying of "things that fall into my hands" and has been playing video games all night long. 15, she left the school.

"I thought it was viable," she says.

At first Ethan's behavior did not even understand him. Her parents are kind, she says, but they did not know what to do with her.

Later, it was discovered that Etan was hiding everything: he was seriously injured in childhood.

One of the patients in the Center

Three of the BBC / Tomas Freimorgen

School attendance is common among drug addicts

The interview has come to an end. Ethan leaves the room. Although I was open about the people I met and their behavior, I did not know their history until I met Ethan.

Jan Villa has a phone. When I check my phone and see a blank screen I feel mood and discomfort. I thought it was shaking. I am millennium without friends.

Do you like to get a message on your mobile phone?I ask. Jan Villa smiles.

"Yes, of course," he says.

Is this a dependency sign? How can children be protected?

"Sometimes we advise children to leave social networks," says Jan Villa. "But we advise not to miss any of them."

WhatsApp and social networks

"Because in the world they need their phones and laptops. I have a Facebook account and a LinkedIn account, which is mainly used for my business and I'm addicted, but I think it's best to use them. "

I have a phone with my hands because I use the built-in recorder to record conversations. The screen blinks. This is a notification and I know that I need to open it quickly.

Does this make me drug addiction? I was hanged WhatsApp? Can I send selfishness in Snapshot if I do not work? Can I change it to gambling, alcohol, and drugs?

I look at Jan Villas and try to imagine a life of eight grams of cocaine a day.

*Some names have been changed.

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