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Arica Day – Start Piette Motors: Chilean Party


Chile's SME Motor Motor: Entrepreneurs' Party has begun

November 13, 2018 // National, Society

  • Pymes Motor de Chile this year. 10 events in Arica and Parinacota are aimed at shaping SMEs in economic and social development of the country.

On Monday, November 12, a new version of the weekly SME Week was launched in Arica and Parinacota. At this time in Chile at the same time, President Sebastian Pinera was formed in 2012. The goal is to place SMEs and entrepreneurs in the center of attention in the center, highlighting their importance and economic growth.

With the slogan #PymesMotorDeChile, Major Maria Loreto Letelier and Economics Seremi Cristián Sayes, along with the Ministry of Economy and various stakeholders, promise this week a place for all people. they were courageous to accept themselves.

"President Sebastian Pinera has reinforced the Government's commitment to work with SMEs at every moment of their participation. Thus, together with representatives of the regional authorities, "Small and Medium Business Week" will start in our region, said Mayor Mary Loreto Letterier.

The government is making every effort to restore and stimulate investment, quality jobs, productivity and competitiveness. "SME training in small and medium-sized businesses, competition improvement, protection of rights, use of innovations and new technologies are not the bureaucratic unions of the state.

In this week's 2018, there will be fairs that bring entrepreneurs closer to Arica residents and seminars that interest small businesses in the region.

The festive event was organized by entrepreneurs of the country to recognize the ever-growing work, values ​​and strengths. "This week we mark entrepreneurs as the country's prospering seed. They will be able to grow through a range of free activities to train, build and retrieve networks

expert councils. We will prove that sustainable economic growth is equally important in matters regulated by our entrepreneurs and small companies, "explains Christian Sisés of the Palace of Economy, Development and Tourism.

In addition, Seremi is currently working on a number of bills such as "Tax Revaluation", which seeks to reach entrepreneurs by incorporating a "pyramid" part; "Pay Up to 30 Days", which limits the maximum billing period for invoices. "We also have Digitalize tu Pme, a set of measures to support entrepreneurs in reaching a decisive level in the fourth technological revolution. In addition, there is a new Productivity and National Business Bureau (OPEN) to facilitate procedures, eliminate bureaucracy, and empower people to work and build themselves. "

Spring `s holiday

One of the news is the Spring Festival of Green Hands, part of the Spring Festival, which was held two years ago with the directors of Barrio Primavera. Server Servers Commercial Area Strengthening Program

The party trades through tenders, tenders and discounts; Again, the old traditions of the city are extra. During the whole week, all nearby trades make special promotions.

In this version, princess candidates – representatives of our city, to compete with the public, compete for the 2018 jury before the jury.

Week of SMEs calendar

Tuesday, November 13

Expo "Young Entrepreneurship Has No Age or Borders"


Sotomayor between Paseo Colón and May 21

Wednesday, November 14

Exhibition of women entrepreneurs

Inauguration at 11.00

Vicuna Mackenna Park Esplanade

Thursday, November 15

Seminar on "Small and Medium Enterprise Development, Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness"

09:00 hr

Casino Luckia

Start of DFL 15 contest.

12:00 hours

Terrace Hotel Antay

Inauguration of the Spring Festival


Barrio Primavera test site was confirmed

Friday, November 16

Workshop on Strengthening Business Capacity

09:00 hr

Research room Tarapacá University


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