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As much as NASA can do, it is necessary to find life on Mars – BBC News

At one point it's easy to find out that life on Mars is easy.

In 2021, NASA's great scientists, helping to reach the Red Planet, seek to find the evidence of past lifespan.

The six-wheel drive around Mars is worth $ 3.9 billion. The rocks that can be

It is very difficult to say that such a distance was on Earth researchers believe Mars may have good arguments.

This is due to the dynamic processes that constantly shake and process stones that can erase traces of life on our planet but have stopped at an early stage in the history of the red planet.

"For example, we do not believe that most of Mars's history has tectonic plates on the Earth," said Ken Wilder, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) general manager. English acronyms).

Most of the Earth's rocks were submerged under oceanic crust, but even The remaining rock was heated and crushed The situation on Mars should not be. For example, paradoxically, the oldest stones on Mars can be better preserved than on the ground, "he told BBC News.

Traces of water and life

The search appliance performs its work close to the crater Jezero, which places a deep lake after the earth's satellite observation.

Scientists hope that if microbes live in or around this water body, traces of their presence will be stored in sediments.

The main objective is the carbonate sediments that are suitable for the coastline of the ancient lake.

"Carbonates are a kind of mineral that goes out of the water and that's really good they catch everything in the water. Everything in it may fall in the ore, "explained Hordi, from the University of Pudlow, Indiana.

Ideal scenario appears in the vehicle as stromatolite. Dome-like carbonate structures with microbial carpets on the surface.

The car chooses the most impressive place along the proposed coastline and drilled samples drilled into the container and deposited later on.

NASA and its European partner, ESA, are planning a joint project to restore 40 models of vehicles, probably in the early 2030s.

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