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The warning given by NASA shows that asteroid up to 213 meters a century can reach 62 times Earth, which means a dangerous situation for our planet.

The sanitation is 15.13 kilometers per second and is equal to two Big Ben London, which is called the 2018 LF16 and on June 16, 2017, the organism's reaction to the moving laboratoryAccording to the British Media Express, the unit that works to detect possible potential dangers of asteroids.

Systematic calculations show that the nearest potential impact may be on August 8, 2023. It may take place on 3 August 2025 and on 1 August 2025. Even in 2117, there are 62 predicted trajectories.

In addition, Harvard astronomers have shown that an interstellar asteroid can be a spacecraft.

Experts believe that if these characteristics are asteroids to our planet, they have a capacity of 50 megaton, equivalent to the explosion of Haram Bom, the most powerful nuclear weapon of nuclear weapons.

Nevertheless, explain to our planet that the 2018 LF16 can not collide. Since it is predictable, it can take up to 0.0000033%, which will add up to 30,000,000 options.

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