Monday , June 5 2023

Audax conquers Curicó, completes the lost way and mathematically assures his first set-up


After five games without a winner, Audax Italiano won again this Friday, winning the Curicó Unido 4-1 in the Bicentenario Stadium in La Florida, the 29th in the 2018 National Championship.

Juan Jose Ribera, who has not been victorious since October 12, has declared a retaliation against the attack on Sergio Santos and Ignato Geraldino, who was defeated by Copa for a 1-0 win over Chile.

Geraldino opened the account at the age of 44. In the first few minutes of the first meeting, Santos increased the benefits of audio with a definite definition.

Curicó Sebastián Zúñiga (62 & # 39;) suggested jumping, but 73-year-old Fabian Torres increased in the local and 90s. Dario Bocitelli started the strike in 12 steps.

With this victory, Audax Italiano made a math match in the first division, but after the 28th day of the championship, it was almost impossible to shoot. Curicó was completely unsafe.

On the last day of the 2018 National Championship, the floridaens will go to Higgins in El Tanient, and Jaime Vera's command will have to go to La Grinza in front of the Chilean University.

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