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Barbara Valentine, Freddie Mercury, a loving sex bomber and its benefits | TV and Show

Despite the extravagant character he showed on the stage, Freddie Mercuryand he defended his true friends. In fact, only two people could know it.

Mary Austen, his teenage daughter, one of them and his wife. The second one was Jim Button, the person who spent the past six years.

Although Mary and Jim were the most beloved human beings in life, they were not alone. Mercury has had a wide selection of lovers, including men and women, many of whom did not have a great impact on their fate, Валерия Барбара.

Valentine was an Austrian soft pop-actress who compared her with Brigitte Bardot, who lived with her daughter. In this country, Freddie traveled to Munich in the early 80's and inspired his first album.

Mercury met with the city and Barbaro and met with homosexuals. The connection was immediate, and both were close friends.

Валерия Барбара
Валерия Барбара

"My mother was a lively nightlife, she was in close proximity to gay, and she fluently mastered English (…) She did not know anything about Queen, she did not know her music, so Freddy was her normal boyfriend ", says the actress' s daughter, Mike Reichardt, in the German newspaper Bild.

Barbara was Mary's anthropomorphic, and her partner was Freddie's intense night.

The actress had a great impact on the singer,
even Leslie Ann Jones, Freddi's biographer, notes that Valentin had a great impact on Mercury's life and work.

"He met Freddie in Munich, when they wrote in Princess 84, they were full of love and they built a house together," says Jones. "Barbara's life was a love story, and she looked like it was a mirror of each other. She added in any way – sexually, psychologically, in all respects. He loved him very much, "said Jones
The British newspaper The Telegraph.

However, the actress's daughter disagrees with this statement and guarantees that the couple will not be sexually explicit. "They were very close to each other, often lay on one bed, but did not have sex.", then convicted the 17-year-old Reichard.

Freddy and Barbara in 1984
Freddy and Barbara in 1984

According to Reichard, Queen's music was not at all pleasant at the time, but he called Freddie a very polite and generous person. "At that time, I went out at night and started to do as teenagers, and I asked my mother for money. Then he told Freddie, "Go to Freddy and give it money." Freddy searched for a hard jeans, took a ticket and put it in his hand. It might be a 10-note or a 100-note that did not know anything about the German currency and the money did not pay attention to it, "he said.

But when Mercury and Barbara were cheerful, the singer's close relationship with the eyes of the people, and accused the woman of the musician's drug and alcohol abuse.

Freddie's remarks, however, did not make any difference, and he even wrote songs for the actress and offered to star in a video. About this It is a difficult lifeOne of the band's most exciting clips, leaving the remaining members happy.

Barbara knew frankly, and Freddie knew who needed it, so when she met someone else, she improved her and they became friends and trusted people.

In 1987, he was with Mary Austin when she was diagnosed with AIDS. She did it with Barbara instead of Mary. Mary was somewhere else, and I'm probably pregnant, "the biographer wrote. "Mary is not a close friend during the last days of life."he said.

Nevertheless, after Freddy's death in 1991, Barbara called for her to come to the funeral. "I could not attend his funeral," she says. According to Johns, Mercury: Biography of Freddie Mercury.

Jim Button, Barbara Valentine and Freddie Mercury, in 1989
Jim Button, Barbara Valentine and Freddie Mercury, in 1989

"We live together. The pain was terrible. I never managed to overcome it. I have never had love with Freddie before, and I did not get it again. "

"This is the great love of my life. It remains the same. 20 women had to live a hundred years. Stopping at the right time. I think he did it, "he explained.

After Barbara's death, the woman lived with her daughter in Germany, and died in 2002 as a result of a stroke.

Mary Austin, Freddie Mercury and Barbara Valentine
Mary Austin, Freddie Mercury and Barbara Valentine
Barbara Valentine and Freddie Mercury
Barbara Valentine and Freddie Mercury

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