Monday , September 27 2021

Benat San Jose: "I've had an illusion of playing the title and repetition of the title"

Benat San Jose is not in the UC-Photosport

Everyone was surprised by this trainer Benat San Jose I decided to leave Catholic University Having won the title of the national championship in 2018, Spain decided to continue the sporting ambitions and move to Al Nasr in the United Arab Emirates.

San José, in a letter to the press, wrote a letter to the newspaper Noticias de Gipuzkoa on Monday in the Basque newspaper, where he admitted that he regretted going to UC.

"Yes, excuse me, I have thousands of doubts. Apart from a professional, the president (Huang Taga) is a very good person in the club, and this makes it even more difficult. I had to make a decision because I wanted to play the Libertadores, it will not only create but also create a good team and compete for Libertadores, "San José assured.

«I had this illusion of repeating the Chilean degree. Of course, I thought about it, but I had to make a decision to find out when to end the cycle (…). The trainer profession is very delicate and has to make good decisions, "said the trainer.


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