Friday , May 14 2021

Bitcoin declines – Diario Financiero

The market value of the cryptocrats has reached $ 730,000 million since the peak of January this year.

Bitcoin started another decline on Friday and lasted from September last year to nearly 3,000 dollars.

Bloomberg has dropped from 0.5% to $ 3.272 USD in Hong Kong, after the major currency declines to 6% in the US. Currency is declining 3% per week. The Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto is on the verge of losing five weeks.

According to the data collected by, the cryptocarcities will be $ 730 000 million at market value since January of this year. Widespread adoption of institutional adoption has not been implemented due to fears and regulatory barriers.

On Thursday, in New York, Toronto and other major cities, there was a wave of bomb threats requiring bitocin in the United States and Canada. The KrebsonSecurity Security Analyst Company posted an e-mail on which the alleged fraudsters were required to pay a $ 20,000 bidokin. The New York Police Department says threats are not dangerous.

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