Friday , August 19 2022

Blizzard will run the Warcraft-based Pokémon GO game


Despite criticism for Diablo Immortal, Blizzard is pleased with the mobile themes.

The new report indicates that Blizzard is now working A game of Pokemon GO based on World of Warcraft (through PCGamer).

Kotaku posted an article about Diablo's Past, Present, and Future, where they talk about popular franchising. The immortal devil, the latest mobile name in BlizzCon, which has been criticized by fans.

Despite the negative reaction of Dabello Immortal, Blizzard, on the contrary, is very interested in mobile games because many of their developers, typically popular Pacino Go, use advanced reality technology.

In the report, the title of Pokemon GO, based on Warcraft, will depend on the great success of the future, as well as the main designer of World of Warcraft Cory Stockton – a great fan of franchise, Pokemon

Although there is little information about it, the name is similar to the Pokemon GO, but has some new features such as personal gaming mechanics.

What kind of idea do you think? Warcraft GO for mobile phone?

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