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The central place was a real nightmare for travelers on a regular basis are usually transported by commercial aircraft, as the spacecraft seats around the world decreasePeople in this position do not benefit from people in windows or corridors.

The manufacturer of Brazilian Embraer aircraft has been solved l for this problemAn E190-E2 aircraft, which does not have a central place due to innovations in its passenger compartment.

This is achieved by a 2-2 configuration that allows you to accommodate up to 150 travelers. That is, it is much smaller but more convenient. At the same time, its windows are bigger than its competitors, reducing 17 percent of its fuel, compared to its predecessor E190.

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Similarly, The airplane has over 40% space for hand luggage often does not fit into sections.

Embraer Vice President of Marketing for Commercial Aviation Division Rodrigo Silva and Suza The statements made by Infobae were clear "Passengers have the goal of keeping their personal space, which impresses on their space or on a large plane."

By the nickname "Shark Hunting Profit", the aircraft traveled around the world with animals' pictures replacing the South American giant in the competitive aviation market.

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