Monday , September 27 2021

By order of non-identification, the deceased died in a family of 74 million

The Supreme Court upheld the Treasury's sentence in November 2014 for the payment of a general compensation for the parents and brothers of the deceased police officer. This is reported by the municipality of Kentice in the police operation in the Lleu Lleu sector, in the Biobio area.

The Court of Appeal of Concepción, consisting of Sergio Mondos, Maria Evgenia Sandoval, Arturo Prado, Anna Vivanco and lawyer (i) Pedro Pierre, lacked Carabineros services, did not detect carelessness in cars and did not detect police in a timely manner, Mapouche Conflict ".

According to the Delegation, "the lack of service depends on the defective behavior of the police in connection with the emergency situation in the territory of Chile considered to be the Mapuche conflict."

Also, "at night police force fire in the house, in the smoke, in the countryside, smoke filled with darkness, and not as a carpenter in the building, but with a subordinate officer holding a patrol on his subordinates."

In the light of the foregoing, based on the experience that people living at home were not police officers, they did not know that they were attacking the house, "based on the practice that they would not hire police officers," they would have logically defended themselves and would not be careless. .

Management "has the same meaning as limiting the use of beacons and audio devices as well as detecting Carabineros de Chile officials, for example, when police work with institutional vehicles, they are exposed to dangers of being exposed to the pool or fireworks, it can become a major criticism when it comes to helping victims of crime find their way into a private home. The basis of a defective operation, which creates administrative and service shortage. "

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