Monday , June 27 2022

Camilo Sesto confirms two shows in Chile


Two big concerts Valentine's Day Celebration, Spanish singer Camillo Sesto next year will return to Chile.

When it develops Third On Monday, the Ibero-American singer returned to Santiago in the Grand Arena Monticello in February 2019. The place of the event shows that the soloist will have two days at the place where the 14th and 16th of the month (at 9.30am) will take place.

The announcement of the return to the Chilean stage corresponds to the new record, as the Duo with its new Symphonic version of the classic Perdóname, Martha Sanchez, is now available on streaming platforms. This is the first achievement of the new Valencia album Camilo Sinfónico, which will be released on November 23 next year and, according to the artist, will be the end point of his discography.

For many years he has made a farewell statement, but 72-year-old singer repeatedly broke his promise to meet with the Chilean community, which will take place in February.

Tickets for two concerts in Monticello will be held on Wednesday, 14th Ticketboat. Earlier, Monday, 12th, the ticket sales for the Sun Monticello fan and partner club will begin.

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