Friday , June 9 2023

Carabinerer denies previous charges of sexual harassment when attempting suicide


Carabineros denied that there was a preliminary complaint about sexual harassment in the case of a Captain who attempted suicide at the 12th San Miguel police station. However, he did not exclude this situation, so it is being studied.

In connection with Channel 13's "Bienvenidos" program, Chief of the Carabineros Communications Department Diego Rohas says that the officer is entitled "Patients' Rights and Responsibilities" under Article 20644. However, he thinks it is a depression or a work shock.

According to her, there are more than 12,000 women in the institution, and police officers can be much more complicated than men, but there is no gender discrimination but the subject of responsibility for several tasks.

"The woman is a woman, she is a mother, has a daughter, has friends, she is responsible for unity, but also has a high level of stress due to the accomplishment of her goals," he said.

"There is no previous complaint, we have our own assessment of some of the administrative processes, and the timely response of our colleagues, which could lead to this disastrous situation," he said.

He insisted that he had nothing to do with sexual harassment and that radio sources had opinions from other people. "Carabineros has more stringent protocols on sexual violence, we have 12,000 female carpenters, and we take them with great care because they are an important part of the institution," he said.

He also noted that he did not leave any of the official letters, but said he was "a stressful situation that our psychologists should evaluate."

Finally, she said she was investigating and there was no preliminary complaint, "we have a protection system when this happens," but she did not rule out the possibility of sexual harassment.

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