Monday , June 5 2023

Casablanca: At least one person died while pre-burning buses and passenger cars


This was a heavy traffic accident on Friday afternoon Buses from Pullman and passenger cars F-50 route connects Quilpué and Casablanca, Valparaiso.

According to the first antisense, it is a frontal shock he left at least one of them died and more than 20 were injured.

"At the local bus, 23 people were injured – I traveled with 40 passengers – «, Governor of Valparaíso Maria de Los Angeles de la Paz confirmed.

"The route has been blocked, so we each of us explained seven ambulances, civil defense of the internal affairs, firefighters, an emergency ambulance in Casablanca and Valparaiso," he explained.

According to preliminary data, an accident took place bad maneuver of a small vehicle, he goes to Casablanca, trying to get to the front of the bus by the bus and heading in the opposite direction.

All the injured were taken to Casablanca hospital. According to the latest report by SAMU staff, 13 of them are the most affected: The bus driver is heavy and was taken from the building to the Carlos van Buren Hospital in Valparaiso, where he is undergoing surgery.

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