Monday , June 5 2023

Census shares will decline after the report results.


Horst Paulmann seller is currently falling 2% on the stock market.

The failure in Argentina does not provide for Censosud's needs, and investors are quite clear about it. And after holding a weak result in the second half of the day, Santiago leads the IPSA inside the stock market.

Currently, the role of retail brands has dropped by 1.96% and reached $ 1,312. This is a minimal circle as well as an ordinary balloon, as well as an Enjoy's role as a weaker result.

Jumbo announced that its downturn will decline by 60% after yesterday's announcement of the company's downturn.

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Cencosud's difficult situation is its impact on Argentina, where the exchange rate and inflation in the country have had an impact.

During a year of unusual change in the neighborhood, the role of the holding company Horst Paulmann was hammered on the wheel and added to the turbulence episodes in Brazil, and the company was opened.

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