Tuesday , December 1 2020

Colomá has voiced his support for Macaya: "I choose the new energy and the ability to create its teams"

A week after the NII's inner election, the senator Juan Antonio Coloma, openly supported his point of view Javier Maclay Instead of the current representative as the future president of UDI Jacqueline van Rysselberghe.

"At this point, I have two good candidates among mysticism, new energy, and Javier Macayahe said.

"I talked to Jacqueline. I told the UDI that new energy was needed as the world and Chile had changed (…) I was very honest to him, and that was interconnected. I have a good relationship, but it does not give up thinking. When I refuse to think that I'm comfortable for UDI, I will not pursue my ideals. And this is a political reflection, especially from the right. «

Whether the meeting with the mayor of the former Peninsula Jar Bolesonaro supports Macaya, "I was expecting Haddad's loss, but this trip should be part of an internal debate. A candidate is expecting to win, and the other is to get acquainted with what he said during the campaign; it is not mehe said Mercury

He believes the winner should have a good relationship with the Government. "I do not see the difference between Copernicus between the two lists concerning the Government's relationship. UDI had a good relationship. The future role is to introduce new ideas, the Government's sense of identity as a reliable element of UDI "

"First of all, the most important is to try to coincide; see how we can and how we can influence. Management logic is not easy, but if the distance is distant, I always want to personally lift it. If it is necessary to publicize it,he said.

Finally Coloma came to this conclusion "We need to ensure that the Government has access to the NDI's principles. First of all, I get UDI, and there is no doubt. Jaime Guzman was always opposed to someone who was "Guzman". He believes that this project is a failure, because if it is based only on people, it will last until that person. "

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