Wednesday , June 23 2021

Comandante Martínez testifies to witnesses selling arms to drug traffickers

Major Ricardo Martinez has been a witness to prosecutors who investigated arms sales to drug traffickers. Thanks to the information he provided, the head of the National Intelligence Agency, Guillermo Paiva, was informed.

Metropolitan South Public Prosecutor Raul Guzman joined the two-century army building and met with prosecutors Christian Galles and Claudio Orellan, who are dealing with a five-year-old attacking officer's private armor. drug traffickers.

General Ricardo Martinez, Commander-in-Chief of the Internal Troops, was waiting for them, and he discovered it at a meeting with officials and did not know it was written.

The fight against arms trafficking involved only military jurisdiction, but in discovering the facts, the Public Ministry opened an ex officio investigation as it was a common crime.

As far as possible, General Martinez has stated for nearly two hours that it has provided important grounds for prosecutors to perform other procedures, as recognized by Guzman.

"(Ricardo Martinez) has provided all cooperation with the investigation and, along with these statements, other activities have been conducted in these dependencies as their statements are immediate and persecuted by the prosecutor's statement.

Radio Bio Bio's sources have confirmed the advantage of using the statement as a witness to the Chief of the Army Intelligence Department, General Guillermo Paiva.

"(Ricardo Martinez) provided all cooperation with the investigation"

– Public prosecutor Raul Guzman

Defense Minister Alberto Espina predicts that the investigation will be successful because of the cooperation that Martinez has given to a loan.

The Secretary of State assured: "We hope that our cooperation will be successful, we have good cooperation, that is right," the Secretary of State assured.

"In my opinion, the military commander agrees with the assignment he gives, not all the information, but to the prosecutor's office," he said.

ARCHIVE | UN agency
ARCHIVE | UN agency

On the other hand, Jorge Breton, President of the Investigative Commission for Fraud in the Army, was not optimistic about the minister.

"Today, no one can convince the army that the riots are isolated, not even the Minister of Defense," he added.

We also have a high-level team to travel around the world with fiscal resources in the Budget Law, even if weaponry is lost or weaponry is provided to the narcotics.

Prosecutors spent four hours in the two-century building where these procedures were developed, and then the army lawyer asked the investigator to extend the requested documents within the scope of the investigation.

General Martinez was not certified for the first time by the Prosecutor-General, for on October 25, Aisen's prosecutor Carlos Palma received a response to the Army's alleged fraudulent action.

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