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Her eerie appearance and its ease seem to be stolen from one of the floating clouds in the sky.

However, it is surprisingly strong.

And it's perfect for star dust.

Because it is mainly airborne, and the air is a conductor that can pass the negative heat, it can even protect the flame from the harsh flame.

They call it "Frozen smoke" and "strong cloud", but its official name aerogel.

The problem

An exotic transparent blue smoke was discovered by a scientist and a chemical engineer Samuel Stevens Kistler as a result of competition with Charles Learned, can be seen "who can not replace fluid in a traffic jam".

In 1931, Kistler published a magazine article Nature "Expansion of aerogels and gelatines", and continued to read the material.

At the beginning of the 1940s, the Kistler produced a license for the production of aerobatics silicon Monsanto Corp. , which was the first company to market it.

In the first days the aerogels were sold as thickeners, from makeup and paint to naphm. They were also used as a cigarette filter and insulator for the freezers.

However, Kistler's supercritical drying method was also effective dangerous, long and expensive. All this forced Montansto to stop them in the 1970s.

The real potential of aerogel is not used after several decades.

Simple recipe

Over time, scientists have created more than a dozen prescriptions for various types of aerogrels, but all share the same process: mixing chemicals and placing them in a moisture gel, and then removing all the liquid.

On the basis of silicon, the result is a very porous and soft structure with very low density a 99,8% volume is a space.

It is not surprising that it is basically airborne, so it is one of the lightest substances in the world.

What is surprising, its unique properties and its ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

But this happened only when the accident occurred NASA researchers came to their senses.

To remember the space

According to NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, can alter the original recipe of aerogeneration for space exploration and can easily be used for prolongation and launch and space environment.

So they can use it for missiles and other gadgets that are far away from the Earth.

The Mars Pathfinder Sojourner Row Electronic Box Mars In 1997 it was isolated by aerogeneration, for example.

JPL also built an aerogel fragile interstellar dust particles and comets They travel 6 times faster than the lightning pool.

As the airflow is so strong, you can stop them, but they do not destroy or destroy them, and they have less density on the surface.

However, when entering the detail sheet, it is tightened to stop them until they stop and until they revert to Earth.

Download it from the cloud

This is just some of the miracles that NASA can handle with these heavy clouds.

Unique combination of physical properties – heat, acoustic, optical and electronic – aerogens have not only space, but also great potential.

But it was still dear and that was the truth obstacle.

However, effort has been made to build efficient aerogels and they are used in firefighters' suits, underwear, tents, paintings and nuclear weapons.

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