Friday , June 18 2021

Cubans on mobile phones since December 6

The most anticipated novelty of the year has been specified. Cuba will be able to use the internet service at the official roundtable on March 6, with Cuba President TeliaSonera Marin, President of Cuba Telecom.

Access to the mobile phone is commercialized in several data packages and the navigation service comes prematurely with mobile phones starting from December 6, 52 and 53; It starts at 54 and 55 on 7 December and starts on day 8 with 56, 57 and 58.

Clients are provided with a personal SMS message (SMS) with notification of their inclusion in the service and can only buy a package from their mobile phone to the Internet. Navigation plans are obtained via the menu "USSD * 133 #" in "Data" option 1.

The cost of the navigation will be deducted from your phone balance and will be available for users to make a payment or to purchase a navigation package.

The cost of the navigation is deducted from your phone's balance and users can decide between charges or a purchase of a navigation package. The proposed plans are the fourth, the first CEG 600, the first Gigabyte for 10 MB, the second for the 2.5 Gigabyte for 20 CUC and the 4 Gigabyte for 30 CUCs. .

When purchasing each of these packages, consumers receive 300 Megabyte additional bonus points to promote national sites that the government wants to boost popularity over the past few years, such as Facebook, YouTube, and foreign media.

In order to activate web browsers on mobile phones, it should be a terminal that supports 3G technology in the range of 900 MHz and has been used last year by cellular network data service, whether it was Nauta, or some of the Internet trials conducted in August-September.

In the TV program, Minister of Communications Jorge Luis Pédome Du Lellola did not allow the ruling party to criticize the fear of public access to publicly accessible information. "Our policy has always been and is a very useful tool for the Internet since the last congress of the party," he said.

In order to activate web browsers on mobile phones, users of the state monopoly should have a terminal supporting 3G technology in the range of 900 MHz.

The affiliate of the branch is "the development of the Internet, not just about infrastructure," as well as "content and services development", which is a substitute for portals, such as Wikipedia or WordPress, which utilizes many resources for website development.

This year, Etecsa conducted three tests to activate navigation services on mobile phones in August and September, which made it difficult to interfere and caused a virtual fall of the island's mobile phone system.

The company has been criticized for limiting services such as loss of speed, data loss and frequent loss of service in these experiments.

In 2008, the Cuban first reached a cell phone connection after the retreat of former President Raul Castro in 2008, allowing his citizens to offer discounts for tourists and diplomats in 2008.

Also, in 2013, Castro allowed Internet access at prohibited prices, as well as on many sites criticizing the regime, allowing the Internet to be controlled by the state.


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