Monday , November 30 2020

Cut it now! They still grapple with the statue of the art museum, and they do not even understand it

You do not even understand what the graffiti is saying. They are painted in orange with a dye, they appear as letters, but they do not agree. It broke the statue of Rebecca Matte on Saturday, which is called "Consolidated Glory and Death" and is outside of the Museum of Fine Arts. The artwork was repaired several weeks ago with similar events and again.

The Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage, Conuelo Walle, has warned about this in his Twitter account.

Release from the Minister

According to social networks, "once again we regret vandalism in the sculpture of Rebeca Matte".

According to him, "it has been cleaned under the established protocols, and we do not work to prevent these facts, we know that knowledge is important, because something is appreciated and cared for."

It should be noted that the repair was carried out within a few months after the truck accidentally damaged by the Formula E. After the delivery, he was scanned in two weeks. That is why until Saturday, another man had to restore it until it was damaged.

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