Monday , September 27 2021

Decision-making is required

Cesar Pinares, despite the grief or fame of Colo Colo, is now a champion of the University of Catholic. For this reason, the La Cuarta scanner has been analyzed.

Cesar Pinarés became a football star in Chile when he started in blue and white in early 2018. And Colo Colo has three teams, who are trying to show their position in 2019, despite a minor continuity of the player. This is a new technical album after looking at Mario Salas.

When faced with a panoramic view, the steering wheel looks for options to keep up with your career. One of them can be Higgins, because last week he interviewed Marco Antonio Figeraa.

But this event does not end: the Universidad Católica and Unión Española have passed through clubs and are ready to play again for their talents, regardless of the semester.

For this reason, the flair was analyzed by the La Cuarta scanner, and his face showed "the inner force and the extraordinary spirit of his work". According to his direct and small nose, he is also "fun, cheerful and self-confident." If he has something offended, he may have a bad character. «

In addition, its thick bands show "concentration and absolute control of stress and stress." Self-Confirming and Self-Confident ".

Finally, his low ears are "delayed in making decisions." First, he likes getting the elements needed for decision-making, since he can not change his position after making them. "

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